Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

My main issue with the event is the lack of space to maneuver and react. You are limited to this tiny ring around the pool in the center with enemies leaping in and climbing the walls right beside you. If the center pool was removed or at least the slowing/stamina effect was gone then I could have enough room to do my dodging and have a moment to react to what enemies are moving in.

I do like the idea of the event being a “They are all around us! Backs together!” kind of style. But with the tiny ring of space you get to work with its annoying and hard to pull off.

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Genuinely would like an answer from the devs on why this poll posted in July has not been acted on or even commented on by now, four months later.


Fair to want answers - but unfortunately I don’t have them. I added this to our internal database on the 20th of July but I suspect it was swamped by higher-priority issues. Anyway, I’ve raised the priority on it so it’ll hopefully see some action soon.


Something to add: Since last patch, face-spawning stuff has reappeared. Not only patrols, but also specials. Makes the finale VERY unforgiving now, as I had hookrates facespawn on me and immediately grab me while evading all the other stuff.

Okay, after playing a couple of rounds: MAN, is this finale unfair right now. Specials spawn in plain sight in pairs, blightstormers casting from outside the map. I was relatively fine with how it was before (even though it was really stacked against you), but with stuff spawning in your face and all the blinding light, it is a map I will avoid for a while now.


Thankyou Julia,

Out of interest do you have access to success rates by level & difficulty and is this shareable? I am genuinely curious as to how these compare and it would certainly add some data/context to this constant back and forth.

Perhaps in comparison to some of the other maps it’s harder yeah. Though when having a slayer, skittergate is worse for sure :smiley:

In the end it kinda depends on the teamwork. Can be a breeze, but I guess with random teams convocation is defo a bit harder with very few proper defense locations, so you will see many players doing their own thing, rather than having a coordinated effort.

That is however what the chats are for…

I think it could get a slight tone down, but mostly, I am okay with having some really hard maps. The problem here is, that 90% of the map is more or less a cakewalk and then you get to the endevent which is really hard. This leads to high levels of frustration since you play for 20 mins and in the end 90% of time get nothing.

Make the whole map a tad harder and maybe tone down the disablers a bit in the end event.
Also, it seems the special spawns have been upped quite a lot on legend this patch (which I think is great, even though it will need some extra training, but with the enhanced special spawn rates, convo end event got even harder)

Maybe the number of special horde can be reduced a bit, otherwise it has a very normal difficulty level. In the final area, the players diverge and the focus is lost. If the players focus on each other, the mission is completed quickly.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have always had insta-spawning specials. I always got the audio cue and at the same time the special started its attack.

Anyway I have no clue why the blightstormers are allowed to spawn. They are using magic in a magic ritual and that makes no sense lorewise.


They are all over the place but on every map, not just Convo

For the record, I think Athel Yenlui is more toxic than Convocation of Decay. I hate that beginning part so much.

Elevated terrain = can’t dodge over tree roots and having to look down in order to hit those tiny skaven boys.

Any chance of getting some video material of this? For me personally I don’t notice any difference on the map compared to the previous patch so I’m just rather curious how bad it can get.

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