Convocation of Decay (Legend) End Event - OP or Nah?

CoD’s event is unreasonably difficult on Legend. I don’t have a problem with the progress decay, only with the special and elite spawn rates. I find it very difficult to win if a single person in the party isn’t properly equipped with special killing potential, for example Slayer or Grail Knight (which every quick play currently has). I love this game, but I despise this event. It is an immense waste of time and effort.

I would recommend at the very least a 25% reduction in special spawn rate, maybe up to 50%. Also lower the number of elites.


Every other end event is just unreasonably easy


The issue of failing as soon as one team member goes down seem quite consistent in the critique of the event. I think it’s a simplified explanation of what happens during the event. The issue isn’t that one member of the group is incapacitated or dead but that the spawns keep coming non stop, even though you are not progressing in the event.

It’s a negative circle of 1) revive, 2) no progress, 3) large threats keep spawning, and on and on the circle goes. If you revive you don’t progress the event and you diminish the threats. If you only focus on kiting and threat management you can throw in a revive or two, but you wont progress and if you choose to progress you’re likely to do so alone or with one teammate while ignoring your respawned teammates.

This kind of event with constant spawning is not only seen in CoD but was the cause of most wipes on Skittergate as well, before it was reworked slightly. It was too hard to keep up with the spawns and try to salvage the situation (get your team up) at the same time.
Fort Brachs and Athel follow the same pattern but with less threats a way more favorable verticality in relation to the spawns and spawn locations. Fort can be traversed safely no matter what you have chasing you and it’s hard to get cornered in Athel unless you stop moving.

tl;dr My suggestion would be to look over the spawn cycles in relation to the intensity that is commonly used throughout the adventure maps. If no one is actively disrupting the ritual, maybe the spawns should slow down or stop. If they are slowed down presently then maybe you should look into tuning those numbers. I think create a more reliable difficulty in the event and it would offer a similar experience to both pre-mades and QP groups.


That is something I could get behind. An introduction of a “recovery” function. Stopping the spawns would be a bit to much as you just drop down, kill the rest and wait for respawns.

That emphasizey my point. The bands are overlapping and that is good, because the gap between difficulties is less stark. The even is harder as the easier maps as you said, but not harder as the average cataclysm run.


I did legend convo yesterday with a friend who didn’t play for years (has 80hours aprox) and got back into it, this was our 4th game and an unchained joined aswell. we completed the event, my friend died towards the end (pretty much expected cuz new), i kited into a corner so i died when the event was completed. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be, yes 2 players died, but that was all due to our own mistakes.

Edit: i also agree with @Adelion . events being harder then others is fine. It makes sense aswell, it’s all a big campaign which lead to boss maps which in turn lead all to skittergate. I don’t expect skittergate to be easier then screaming bell.

Is the difference between events to much? debatable. But there being a noticeable difference in difficulty is fine and should be expected.

And no, i don’t see convocation as being harder then skittergate in a qp setting.

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That same discussion again I guess =p

  • @freqlectic which does point the issue pretty easily.
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Yep discussing if the difference is too much between events is a balance discussion, just like weapons or talents are. So the same discussions will keep coming back.

Also your thread has alot of good arguments made in it, from comments and yourself. i recommend people to check it out.

That’s wonderful man, glad you got lucky with it. Try it more than once with different teams and report back to us, like I said, my success rate has been about 20%. I have done this mission around a dozen times since the Grail Knight patch. I almost never fail any other mission on Quick Play.

CoD is absolutely more difficult that Skittergate, however, Skittergate is far more of a pain in the ass to lose. It’s far longer a mission. I’ve beaten Skittergate many times since the patch, I feel like Quick Play groups are far better prepared to fight the last boss than they are to do the Convocation final event.

In my experience, I can usually tell if we’re going to fail during the end event in CoD if a party member goes down a single time before the event, for any reason. If you can’t handle the lead-up to the end event, it’s assured that you can’t handle the event itself. No other mission is like this. Bring this one down a little and buff the other ones a little, that’s my advice.


From my exprience in random lobbies is that it’s very hard. I always mention in chat before the end “this part is hard so be prepared” and the other players usually agree with me.
Of course your team comp and skill levels can make or break this event, but I feel like there might be something else going on.
Usually if we’re getting over run I’ll drop off the platform and start to kite the enemies, but recently I did this level again and we have no Chaos Warriors spawn, no disabling specials and very few stormvernims spawn. We didn’t drop off the platform at all and it was really easy.
What I’m trying to say is, I think there might be some kind of randomness as to which enemies and specials spawn which is making it, most of the time very hard, but in a few instances pretty easy. It might be something to look into.


  • Is there a level or randomness to which armoured enemies and specials spawn, that might be making it either very hard or easy depending on luck
  • does it get harder the longer you are doing the event / if you leave the platform

ok dude

Is it worthwhile for console players to vote?

Yeah man, it’s gotten harder. I used to think it was a hard event but I wouldn’t have even called it the hardest but now it’s obscene. There’s something going on here.


I have found the only way to win this event is to force by picking something super tanky and staying up on the platform the whole time till it ends. Unchained being one of the tankiest alongside IB might have just carried you through the event. If you could try it 1 or 2 more times and let me know how you do I would be curious to see how you go.

In terms of difficulty, it’s not that people needs to be carry or that you need someone super tanky, so I don’t think it’s necessary to speculate and comment on other people’s skills. It’s not very constructive.

Last time I played the event I had to give up on reviving my teammates and continue progressing the event, because when revived they couldn’t group up and get a handle on the current spawns. The point to me is not whether it’s soloable or not bur how punishing it currently is if say two people in your team make a mistake bigger mistake and die.

Yes, all of you with the opposite opinion, it is in ways largely about teamwork and acting appropriately. But at the same time, the go to start when you lose people shouldn’t be to ignore picking them up because that will stack way more tough enemies whilst not progressing the event at all.


Imo the hard thing is that unexpected difficulty spike towards the end when you get a bunch of chaos warriors, a lot of stormvermin and a lot of specials at the same time.
Everything until that point is rather easy.

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This event seems kind of uneven at times. Just did 3 runs where we got overrun and lost to the end event. Then just now i had a run where almost nothing spawned and we breezed through it with little effort.


My view is that it’s not really the number of enemies that’s the problem(though I get the impression it’s above average for an event), it’s the design of the encounter. The gate opening event in Righteous Stand would be a lot harder if players had to defend near the giant winch, and certain enemies, like gas rats and blightstormers, spawned in places where they weren’t easily killable. This is the main difference between CoD and other events(or really the vast majority of the game), it pushes the players to defending a very weak position with little room for longer reload times(which are needed to snipe some specials). Defending a circular barricade on flatter terrain would be better imo.


I have had another think about this since being pummeled into the floor in minutes a couple of times this weekend…

1)The SV and CW pop up behind you without you being able to adjust to them arriving. Climbing up - although they’re in a different state (less mass and easier to cleave (?) I think) - You don’t get the actual benefit of staggering them. The climbing mechanic makes it harder as everything shrugs off the hits that might’ve staggered them and brought some space or time. Dashes, staggering ults, hitting with hammers, all tactics made obsolete by the climbing mechanic and then the CW are right there on top of you. I don’t think the increase in damage or cleave counteract the climbing mechanic here.

2)The RNG of the specials. 2 stormers and a Gas rat is virtually impossible to dodge-dance and drop down, res, kill things etc. Hook rats and flamers are significantly easier to cope with - although still tough in the confined space.

  1. Harder to regroup. Once you’re down it is a long way round to get to someone else with no direct routes to other players. You’ve got to slog your way around and if everyone is forced to go clockwise you’ll never catch anyone up!

So it’s the actual physical space that compounds the problems. Short of reworking the map or having entirely different end event code just for this I think we’re stuck.


I played it 100 times on cata and cata twitch. i was just giving an example that i did it on legend with a friend of mine who didn’t play for years and didn’t have alot of experience before that + a random qp player and a bh bot i think, purely an example.

Is it OP? Maybe not. Is it the hardest finale in the game? Yes it definitely is in my opinion. Of course it’s gonna be easier if someone is in a premade with a nice team comp and good communication, but in pubs that’s not common. There’s a large combo of things that make it the hardest finale in the game. The very small workspace that at least one person has to stay in to progress the finale, the corrosive liquid in the middle, the large amounts of specials and armored elites that spawn in a 360 degree arc around you, and the fact that you get blinded for a solid two seconds if you drop out of the circle. This is the ONLY map finale that I have trouble with. It’s not necessarily ‘OP’, but it is disproportionately harder than every other map.