Crafting system must be reworked. Currently it’s bad and I think this is one of the things that most unites the community.

But I know that it would take a lot of time and resources that now Fatshark can’t dedicate. So I would like to suggest an easy solution.

As title says, imho there should be an option to convert SCRAPS/ESSENCE to DUST.

This solution would help also to make useful these materials that currently they are unused (scraps are just too many, essence are useless if you don’t play waves).

I understand that for someone of you dust isn’t a problem, but PLEASE, before to write “I have tons of dust, it’s all ok” you should ask yourself the reason. Maybe do you play only few careers/weapons? Maybe something similar? I don’t want to seem arrogant… I’m just asking.
I feel that, if you want try everything, the 100% of this game, you haven’t way to not finish the damn dust. And obviously I don’t mean to waste the dust into some “nonsense build”.

I’m in a critic situation. I have paid the game. I would play it. But currently Fatshark is saying to me a big “NOPE, you can’t (imho for a stupid reason)”. I have more “FULL RED” careers that I can’t use anymore because the meta is chanced and I haven’t the dust to reroll their equip.

Thanks for reading.

I play all Careers to at least some extent, I try to vary my setups (though a couple of weapons have pretty much been left on the wayside), I’m not fully kitted in Reds yet… and I still have tons of all materials, including Dusts (well, except Bright, but that’s besides the point). So being able to convert some extra resources to others wouldn’t do much for me. Scrap and item Parts do get used far less than the Dusts, though (even if it’s because of the frustrating reroll system), so I can see the use for some people.

I do think that indirectly you’re also addressing another problem that I’ve raised before. Anyone who has played a while has a lot of materials, but nothing to use them on, as there’s only a limited (at least functionally) use for any material and no resource sink afterwards. This goes for Scrap and item parts (there’s only so much you’ll build before having what you need), Dusts (same) and Essence (there’s a limited amount you can use, even if it’s quite a vast one). You can technically use your Scrap to craft an infinite amount of items and then scrap them to get a very inefficient and dull Dust generator, but I doubt there are many who wants to do that.

So while converting resources could help some players, for many it would still be irrelevant. I don’t think it would hinder anyone, though. But we do have a lot of materials we can’t effectively use, so I’d say a resource sink of some kind would be appreciated, be it material conversion, cosmetics or something else. I think Lohner’s Emporium could be a good place for this, but we’ll see.

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Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe have you been very lucky? Or maybe I has been too unlucky. Another things: how many hours do you have? Because, if you have +1000h, it’s normal that you accumulate dust. Anyway I have a decent amount of hours (700) an imho I should not have dust problems.

Anyway I think it would be a change that would not harm anyone; it would only be very helpful to people like me. Think if someone cut you half game and you could play only with two characters! This is what happens to me.

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