Crafting Mats - Pare Down on Types

I know this is likely not a priority right now, but a lot of people find the current system a little confusing or annoying for various reasons.

Why have six separate types of crafting materials? How about we just have two? Scrap and Dust. Making things or upgrading will cost scrap, and re-rolling will cost dust.

While we’re at it . . . why not have dust or scrap drop as loot in maps? Instead of getting as many empty spots, have the possibility of a pile of scrap or bag of dust spawn that players can pick up (and everyone gets some so it won’t be toxic).

Maybe the second idea is too much, but I hope the first idea at least is a good one.

I definitely agree that there are too many crafting materials for what we use them for. The Salvaged Weapon Parts and Gemcutter Toolkit just seem to be completely useless. I don’t think we need to delete all of the different dusts altogether, just make them used based on quality of the weapon/trinket you are using them on. Green + Blue dust to reroll properties? Just use green for green/blue, and blue for orange/red or something.

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