Allow Converting the "Crafting Materials That Other Than the Dusts" To Dusts

Scrap, Salvaged Weapon Part, Salvaged Gemcutter’s Toolkit. These 3 crafting materials are things that just keep piling up.

So, I suggest let us convert these 3s to dusts.

It’s simple, but it would surely improve the QoL.

But then I’d have 20k of each dust barring red. Then what?

If we ever get a crafting rework, I hope we just go to something simple and direct to replace the whole dust system. Like just let us sell weapons and buy upgrades or reroll with a single currency, like gold. Then every weapon would have some value, even if the lowest are worth just a few coins and reds a few thousand. Upgrading to red rarity could just take tens of thousands.

This way, it is still exciting for players to get reds early on, players who have bad RNG but play a lot can still get reds, and even players who never progress out of the lowest difficulties can get cool stuff.

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