Useless Scrap

Issue Summary: Scrap cannot be converted or used for any other purpose than to make new weapons. You get scrap from scrapping weapons. You scrap 95-99% of all items you get. We’re just collecting a pile of useless scrap. Is there anything else we can do with this.

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They do turn completely obsolete after a while, true.
I’d like to see another use for them.
Especially for people who accumulated thousands.

I have 999+ scraps… we should convert them in dust.

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Well you can actually convert them to dust by crafting weapon and salvage behind, but it takes forever
We should be able to convert them faster through an option

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Or just make the scrap and weapon/accessory cost on red crafting something crazy. Like in the hundreds of units. I suspect it’s already going to cost something exorbitant in terms of red dust anyway.

I like the idea others have put forth to be able to craft hats, skins and reds/red dust with overflowing crafting materials those would probably consume quite a junk.

You don’t get scrap for scrap, you get more dust and more scrap from weapons. As designed, it’s just a less efficient way to acquire more dust. The crafting system in any game is never designed to be the be-all, end-all purpose to the game; it’s a means to supplement the leveling/gearing process as you level and head into end-game.

This is a factually wrong and pointless point. It’s basically asking (in a very bad and indirect way), can we redesign the entire crafting system to do something spectacular after I’m maxxed out on gear? Can you grasp why this is a bad suggestion in the way leveling and itemization works in Vermintide 2?

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