Crafting and gear

One thing that could be added to is Crafting unless you want the stick standard begginer weapons there really isn’t a point in Crafting new weapons…some additional Crafting recipes etc would be good…also red weapons are incredibly hard to get…i perhaps missions to find unique loot would be a good addition

When you farmed up to 300 power crafting weapons is useful to get the weapon you want, especially when you start lvling another character.

And after you get a couple of working oranges for the weapons you want, the only use for crafting is converting Scrap to dusts. At a very bad and random rate. I find the problem quite similar to money in most computer RPGs… At the beginning, you need to think where every single coin goes, ad occasionally grind for more just to get that new piece of gear. Nearing the end, though, you don’t really know where to put all that money. “Oh, I have only 60/99 Hi-potions, might as well top off. It’s pocket change, anyway.” Here, it’s even worse: once you got what you want (besides Veteran items), you have no use for Scrap at all (and even less for Weapon and Jewelry Parts) and it’s just sitting in you inventory.

If there’s a resource in your game, there needs to be stuff to spend it on. Unless the resource is strictly limited, it will keep coming, and if there’s no sink for it, it’s useless.


999 to all.
well not green dust ^^ that thing is still broken

But you can craft it.

So now the problem becomes - what do we launch as a crafting system that won’t immediately be broken by the people who have 999+ of everything?

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