Conversation with Elf-Thing at Old Haunts

Recently I’ve managed to capture a miment of Bardin talking to Kerillian at Old Haunts without Kerillian being present. It’s an old bug that’s been here from the very introduction of the map.
So, steps to reproduce:

  1. Make or find a team with Bardin and without Kerillian.
  2. Play Old Haunts.
  3. Wait for the right dialog. It’s a little odd that Bardin tries to talk to wutelgi while she’s not there. I think that dwarf is not ok.

    P.S. Thank you for your hard work.

This occurs for basically all characters on multiple maps from time to time ~

Similarly on occasion a character can compliment another for a boss kill when it was a third character who actually did it, or even the one delivering the compliment.

It would be funny if this only happens after said character got slapped to hard by the boss :stuck_out_tongue:

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