Content for years - steam workshop with maps

You know what was great about games like left 4 dead 2? steam workshop think how cool it would be if the creators gave players, for example, some tool for creating maps and a separate search engine for servers, i.e. downloaded maps, how beautiful it would be, looking at how big the community of this game is, the players would create a lot of maps on various topics, even those with storyline and endless content and fun let me know what you think (and for example the mode versus the one promised in v2 or obency in lelf4dead ecstasy) sorry for english I can’t write in this language very much but I really wanted to share this idea i.e. workshop as in l4d2


that would give the game infinite content


And will do game of the year + , like left for dead. BUT, that need to have a brain maybe, dunno.

They specifically took out mod support in order to have full control of content for monetizing purposes. While the argument for workshop support and mods is a no brainer, they simply decided to go the nickle and dime / milking route. And many people will defend them.
Despite quite a few devs proving that the player base will dish out the cash voluntarily if they like devs and want to support them. Holding people’s time, agency, content and cosmetics hostage behind RNG and paywalls will just lead to compounding, justified, hate as seen in the reviews.

Modded server would be great…could make my own scoreboard and increased difficulties cus fs apparently cant make one themselves.