Constant CTD as both client + host

Always this error at the end of my logs

Invalid float in get_vector3.

console-2021-04-22-00.45.14-de421dbe-5ff3-4c50-ae27-8fef91ebb2c6.log (487.2 KB)

console-2021-04-22-00.43.39-1d408eea-334c-4c3f-9916-d7cd2b79c95a.log (222.7 KB)

crash_dump-2021-04-21-23.58.54-241bb18e-e1e6-4699-90c9-029d252dca7f.dmp (647.5 KB)

crash_dump-2021-04-22-00.45.14-de421dbe-5ff3-4c50-ae27-8fef91ebb2c6.dmp (653.5 KB)

Yesterday, prior to the patch, I didn’t experience a single crash

I have all the problem mods disabled, as well as “Show Ammo Using Heat Bar” disabled in UI Tweaks

edit: The same “invalid float” error is happening in Adventure Mode actually

This is a mod-related crash, but I can’t be sure which one. Unfortunately the only reliable solution is to disable all mods and re-introduce them until the crashes stop.

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Wish the crash wasn’t so inconsistent; I will definitely go through my list and pinpoint it tomorrow

Hope it’s not UI Tweaks :sob:


Either disabling some of the extraneous mods, the most recent hotfix, or switching from DX11 to DX12 seems to have cleared my crashes up. I’ve been able to play the past two days without crashing once

Here’s the list of mods that I have enabled:

Vermintide Mod Framework
Penlight Lua Libraries
Simple UI
Neuter Ult Effects
Skip Intro
Killfeed Tweaks
Crosshair Customization
Numeric UI
UI Tweaks
No Wobble
Reroll Improvements
Host your own game
UI Improvements

Thank you!

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