Constant, constant crashing

Truly have lost ~1/3rd of the time playing the game. Verified game files found one that needed redownload reinstall. But it was unfortunately not the (only?) issue.

Tried nothing and i’m all out of ideas. but would like to avoid going down the rat hole of installing and uninstalling various drivers/custom settings/c++ features if there’s an obvious issue to the more knowledgeable.

I use no mods. It was installed days ago.

amd 370x
2080 super
32gb ram
win 10

Constant crashing 50-99% of the way through a level. happened three times in a row. very, very frustrating not to have some redundancy built into a game like this that must be constantly connected to the internet (?) and yet still can’t provide credits for the partially fulfilled level or a re-entry point, despite seemingly widespread crashing issues… o_o


console-2021-01-28-08.54.14-cf409a24-dec0-463b-80df-8678ff84cb5c.log (215.8 KB) console-2021-01-28-16.05.23-ed0c8df5-7df4-4272-947e-681cce71f5d5.log (218.6 KB) console-2021-01-28-16.40.22-124672b2-cf09-4534-9010-60b4f3a70dd4.log (201.8 KB)

I can see immediately that your GPU is crashing. There is unfortunately no one shot panacea but errors of this nature are usually driver-related. Please see: [PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes – Fatshark

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I have done the clean installation and had three successful runs.

I also ran a memory check in the interim that brought up no issues.

Will update here if it again recurs. Thank you for your assistance, Julia.

After a few more runs there have been no instances of crashing, the fresh install seems to have resolved the issues. Thank you for your time and expertise.

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