Consecration Can Increase Base Item Rating

Issue Description:
Consecrating an item can visually increase the base item rating, even beyond the normal 380 limit. I bought a weapon from the store and consecrated it from blue to yellow. It was originally at base item rating 380, but somehow consecrating it raised that rating to 385. I’m including a comparison screenshot where you can see how it originally looked when I bought it, and how it turned out after consecration. No actual statistical improvements occurred, so this appears to be strictly a visual bug.

Steps to Reproduce:
Consecrate an item. I’m not sure what exactly caused the issue.


Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%)

I’ve had the reverse of this happen to me, where an item says it will drop 10 levels on upgrade. When I purchased the upgrade, the base level of the item did not actually change.