Weapon Consecrate, indicate weapon modifier increase, yet it doesn't happen

Issue Description:
The Consecrate UI visually informs the player that his next upgrade will increase the weapon modifier from 296 to something within the range of 321-351 along with a new blessing.

Yet the only thing happening is a blessing is added and this will be the rating increase of the weapon, based on the blessing value.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Go to Shrine of Omnissiah
  2. Pick weapon to upgrade, take not of rating, modifiers value and blessing value.
  3. Consecrate weapon
  4. Random blessing is added, blessing value = Rating in crease, modifiers remain the exact same.

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Steam ID

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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Bro, the blessings have a number of rating points associated with them, so when you get a blessing the weapon rating increases. Consecrate is not meant to increase the stat bars of the weapon, nor does it give any suggestion that it would.

The range of rating change offered is because different blessings have different rating values.

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The range of rating change offered is because different blessings have different rating values.

Yes, that is correct.

They are reporting that the base stat value on the upgrade preview shows that it will change when consecrating, which it does not. Look at the Orange preview. It lists a base power of 321-351 for the modifiers, which is under the overall power rating in the orange box.

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Oh you’re right sorry, I hadn’t noticed that box had its own stat range increase displayed. Probably a UI bug since they stated in another bug report thread that consecrating weapons is but supposed to increase stats. Good spot.

I fell into this trap today. I have consecrated a weapon with not so well modifiers expecting that base modifiers will be increased as was shown in the modifiers consecration preview. Well, waste of mats…

Yeah its not that obvious to spot as their are many value on preview.
Next time you consecrate a weapon, take note of the blessing preview and the varies values which are shown / advertised as to be changing.

With the current preview, its false advertisement or a bug. The new random blessing/perk already show the pre-determined value increase. The modifier value’s didn’t change or shift and perks and blessing come with different strength’s of their own which I would assume have their own value rating.

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