Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release

Console log files are generated every time you run the game regardless if there was a crash, and so very well may have pertinent information to your issues

eh actually i take this back, today i just keep disconnecting from every game. btw im not sure which file it is you need for the statistics but i guess this is it, no idea.

console-2021-02-15-12.33.31-027e24b2-18cd-41c3-a350-51a012ae1248.log (2.0 MB)

Did anyone experience improvements on the ping situation? Just yesterday me and my friend tested it out and we had a much more better ping, I’d say playable even (from 120-130 to 70~). Based on different observations something happened for sure, but not for everyone. But now I got to meet with people with 25~ ping even, that was unseen since Engineer update. With some players improvements are not that great, but still noticeable.

Any movement on this?

I’m chasing it up, will report back as soon as.


I’ve noticed something really strange in the game last night.

My West Coast friends decided to let me host last night and they said they weren’t lagging that bad so they let me host another game.

This time a player joins with over 200 ping and not only are my friends lagging but I’m lagging out as well. Typically when a player hosts, lagging is almost nonexistent. I asked and this player said he was from Brazil which is really far away from where I live.

After that player left, the lagging stopped.

Can the bad connectivity/high ping of other players affect the whole group? Even the host? I felt like I shouldn’t have been lagging at all but after that guy joined, I was on an 8 second delay for the entire match. Doesn’t seem like a lot but it really threw me off.


Some, went down from the rather consistent 100-110 i´ve had since the engi update down to 70-80.

And i also did note that other people seem to have better ping too, was really rare to see anyone below 90 but now thats common again.

Had similiar issue yesterday, but a bit different.
We have a guy that usually hosts and everyone had from 50 to 100 ping to him. Yesterday everyone had 200+ ping with him as a host.

SirKruber, exactly what bothers me lately, I feel just like Im one pooling whole lobby down. Great constructive feedback, exactly what I tried to point out in my previous posts. I mean since game release I had that issue, my avareness of it grew more as I played game, latest patch made it more obvious I would say.

Matchmaking works great in fact, recently getting pings like 70-120 which sounds acceptable to me. But theres something more network related out there, on some occasions I feel like Im playing under 300 ping rather than 70 acording to readings

Few days ago had this run, got ping 80-ish, other players even had better one (60 or so). Hunger in dark, competent players, legend, played pyro, what can go wrong. Eazy game until we droped near third tome, horde and troll spawned, all of sudden game started to fall apart, teleporting rats, out of sync, bursts of dmg taken like rats stacking attacks on me, felt like Im about to disconnect, NO PING SPIKING - STABLE 80. All party members fall in front of slave rat horde while I was holding boss aggro. Yet another player complained about laggs. Please take a look, something was off there, just like some issue arised and was badly handled by game. I experience moments like this frequently when lobby feels like its going down. Pretty sure Im one cousing other players to lag and have hard time. Whenewer I lag I can see other players struggling, disconnecting, theres something for sure. Just like u said, when I leave, game gets back to normal for others. At this stage just avoiding game, even solo games are laggy on some occasions, just like some Steam networking going on even when I play alone.

console-2021-02-16-20.35.50-51553f61-5a95-4aa9-a67d-c3a4777c4526.log (1.9 MB)


Hello Fatshark team,

I hope these logs can help you find a solution.

For me and my friends, these interruptions are a break from play. We have all seen these stability problems. The saddest thing is that since the GrailKnight DLC was released we probably can’t play together anymore. At least one of our 4-man groups gets kicked frequently during larger Horde spawns.

Long ago, I remembered something in the patch notes about the “automatic kick system for players with excessive ping / latency”.
I’m not entirely sure about the numbers there, but they are lower. (from 180 to 150 or so).
I suspect some of these “automated processes” could be one of the reasons.

console-2020-12-23-23.19.30-ba62da25-729c-4ed6-a7f5-b1ce2268c05c.log (2.6 MB) console-2020-12-25-17.15.27-8ea75359-e4a9-4767-89d6-1acfcdafaff5.log (3.4 MB) console-2021-01-31-10.16.44-2c189d1f-3201-4287-823a-913316ade5ec.log (3.9 MB) console-2021-02-06-17.57.07-4a5a9ed2-1d51-406c-9c88-1719930ef7c0.log (2.9 MB) console-2021-02-20-11.58.48-3afefac3-b4a1-45be-bbf8-382f78f860a7.log (3.1 MB) console-2021-02-21-13.12.56-8b1946a9-cacd-4d16-a4cc-da33b279af0f.log (1.4 MB) console-2021-02-21-13.53.34-f6b4cf09-07a1-4730-b7db-1fd05c1ad2b6.log (1.2 MB) console-2021-02-21-14.23.19-319547e7-35bb-4915-a05b-5fc2f12294d3.log (656.4 KB)

Still doing a lot of back-and-forth with Valve, unfortunately. Holding out hope for something worthwhile by the end of the week.



so… when i tiring to log in into my friend game it always start with last connection
it happen very often now - it didn’t happen before

console-2021-02-26-12.56.55-f2c5c61a-3e8c-428c-971d-ba357bade6f4.log (379.4 KB)

ty for the time

Anything? Can you comment on if this is holding the DLC back? I’m bored :frowning:

The developer handling this has tried chasing up Valve twice now I think. Still waiting, bleh. :disappointed: This issue is not impacting the release schedule for upcoming content.


Oh my god.
As a person who spent more than 10k hours playing Valve games: I feel like fixing telemetry is going to take a while considering Fatshark can’t do much themselves as it seems.

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hopefully fatshark will learn after this how outsourcing such crucial parts of a game is not a good idea. i still don’t understand why these changes had to be made. before 3.4 we had no issues whatsoever. now? i get disconnected from the friend im playing with since vermintide 1 even though we live in the same goddamn city.

This is so relatable it hurts.
The only thing I’m really wondering about is why they decided to keep that terrible connection and not revert back to how it was before Engineer update.

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