Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release

@N1Lowbob Omg, that just solved it. Thanks so much, you should work in IT or something …

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Could you please help us out by listing:

  • Your region
  • Your ‘Download Region’ in Steam (Steam :arrow_right: ‘Settings’ :arrow_right: ‘Downloads’)

Got back into game since new game mode release date was announced. Game feels better now, ping more on point, laggy&glitchy but more playable just like before engeneer update. Don’t get me wrong, still rubberbanding but it’s not as bad as last month.

I would like you guys to take deeper look into disconnects and overal p2p conn stability. Let’s assume there’s no network calls to some distant backend servers involved. Delays many players experience on some occasions might be related to disconnects. Personaly I have noticed that “Lost connection to host” message on buttom of screen with bolt icon many times. I beleive some desyncs are quick enought so we actualy don’t even have a chance to notice that message on bottom. Game pick up, message never show up. Now if somebody frequently disconnects form host, that may actualy be source of additional delays introduced on top of ping. Network calls are made to keep desyncing player in game. Whole conn may be degraded in quality due to some overhead all party members have to pay to keep desyncing player in. Just my teory, obvious one, I beleive there’s still way to make handling of those desyncs more efficient in game.


Stockholm, Sweden for both.

  • A description of your connectivity-related woes:
    Chaos Wastes update has caused my ping to consistently hover in the 180-230 range. If I am hosting, I see these same numbers for the ping on the people in my party. It never drops to a reasonable level, and I checked it regularly while playing for a few hours last night. I’ve had really good ping numbers for a while up until this point.
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    console-2021-04-22-00.14.40-932297d3-5917-4755-83f3-9c502442492e.log (2.0 MB)
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    Kansas, USA
  • Your ‘Download Region’ in Steam (Steam :arrow_right: ‘Settings’ :arrow_right: ‘Downloads’)
    US - Dallas

Chaos Wastes seem to have fixed the odd lags on green ping I had before the update

Total inability to connect to servers since the 3.4 release. Game is currently completely unplayable, which makes it awkward considering that I just bought a DLC. Consistent connection issues since engineer release, and back then, high, unplayable ping (~150) since engineer update.
My region is Shanghai, China
My Download Region is Shanghai, China
console-2021-04-27-07.47.07-2b7dfc59-6900-4435-967b-8c3b6c86912b.log (47.8 KB)

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It’s about 4-5 days, that I am trying to finish a Chaos Wastes with Sienna (unchained) but, up to now, I didn’t succeed.

The game usually quits after loading the new stage, and it isn’t able to connect to the servers or they rejected the connection.

The 2 facts are:

  • it doesn’t seem an ‘internet problem’ since no line drop was never detected.
  • it seems something exacerbated by using Sienna. I also used Kerillian but without all these problems.

for me there is no change :confused:

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