Connectivity & Ping Issues Since the 3.4 Release

and even if the nominal ping is about 100ms the game seems to have a greater delay, like the triple or quadruple.


I’m getting latency issues constantly since the last steam patch. If I host, my teammates have horrible ping. If I connect to players, I have 1-2 second delays. Despite this, even if I had green ping or 80-100 the latency still exists and it just makes fighting hordes next to impossible. I play with only approved mods and will disable them all to see if my results change. I will also re-install the game. Vermintide 2 is installed on an external SSD if that’s anything to go by.

console-2021-04-03-04.00.03-5f90843e-a42b-4f80-b943-7edd59217125.log (1.7 MB) console-2021-04-04-01.03.29-9089710e-6360-40ab-97c4-e3270b48bc2b.log (1.8 MB) console-2021-04-02-02.50.39-6ceb3054-7cb9-4a27-8155-cf50ef76d362.log (2.2 MB) console-2021-04-02-18.10.20-406c14c4-ac5c-4e42-9ebc-27a403f0247a.log (2.6 MB)

EDIT 2: Okay so I’ve done that stuff and my results seem to be negligible. I am still getting 80-100 PING which tends to spike up to 120-150 but it is bearable and that’s what your allies are for, I can make it through Legend which is my most recent difficulty climb to date. I’ve been mindful of which kinds of lobbies I’ve been connecting to since I have the mod that lets you see which region a manually joined lobby is hosted in (IDK if having a VPN makes this point null).

The good news is that I’m not crashing and the lag spikes are a bit more bearable, the bad news is I still have to be mindful of joining lobbies so I guess hosting is in order for now.

Guess I’ll have to just keep an eye out for any other fixes people might have found for the time being.


Zombie Army 4 Dead War share a lot in common with Vermintide networking. Same Steam P2P API integration. Don’t have 4k hours in that game so cant tell for sure, but seems like ping there is not on point as well. Wish we have alternative way to play the game, LAN mod, community servers or something. Unleash full potential fs, do something to make game more accessible, don’ t just wait on third party providers to make a difference.

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yeap, it’s even more ridiculous when we know the third party is valve. valve is notorious for it’s bad servers. like how can a multibillion dollar company have such low quality servers? :smiley: at least give us an option for proper p2p where valve has no power, something. i made a buddy buy the game in november and we are still unable to play together.

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Yeah, like why routing network traffic over some distant valve servers? Security reasons? Whats happening… it’s supposed to be p2p. Why do some of us have 2s delays and inconsistencies despite green p2p ping? Mindblowing. Seems like I found pattern, in ZA4 I litteraly teleport on green helth conn and I’m bad host. Guys don’t be dumb like me, it’s server sided. I upgraded my internet plan, reinstalled everything from scrap even win just to face same issues. Sometimes I can get better experience, usualy in morning hours when theres no much players online… maybe its just placebo effect idk. Accept game as it is or just avoid it


its not like i have any choice, literally unplayable :smiley:

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in my experience somehow VPN never made direct connection. try reinstall the steam, it works for me for playing with friend. However, playing with random always yields me different results, sometimes the ping is high, sometimes low.
and also try to set the Steam Networking setting to Always.
I think this P2P thing is not related to the game but the client, since reinstalling the steam client always improve my pings.

i reinstalled steam twice already and im getting disconnected from most lobbies all the same.

Same issue here.
Game has been running smoothly since forever, then all of a sudden I get a 1-3 second delay when playing with others. I have tried everything: reinstalled the game, uninstalled all mods, reinstalled steam … nothing works.
Everything is fine when I play with bots. When I play with 1 friend and 2 bots, the lag is there but negligble. The more players though, the greater the lag. Quick play has essentially become unplayable.
No idea as to what might have caused this, it’s driving me nuts.


I quote myself from 1 week ago.
I usually play at 100-150ms ping because of my connection, so I’m used to delay and the rest.
Sometimes you get the feeling it’s the right ping. Other times you are hit by the enemy ignoring your pushes or your attacks.

Any update from Fatshark on this, @FatsharkJulia ?

Please continue to include the information requested in the OP, I need it!:

Of course, here it goes:

My “connectivity-related woes” look exactly like the ones that have been described in this thread many times before: Noticeable lags/ delays when playing with others, even on a good ping. There are no lags when playing with bots but they seem to increase with every player joining the game (and can even be noticed in the lobby). The lags are also not consistent, sometimes increasing and decreasing during a mission within a few seconds. The game becomes unpredictable and basically unplayable.
I am 100% sure that it is the old P2P issue that (with the latest steam update) seems to have been fixed for some but introduced for others (like me) who had no issue before.
I am playing in Germany and have had the same effect on different networks – all of them with a lot of bandwidth and no other issues. Download region in Steam is set to “Hamburg” but I have also tried others with no effect.
Most recent console log is attached here.

console-2021-04-11-14.58.34-a2ec8bd9-90ce-4aa9-8607-2de9d3ae29af.log (731.5 KB)


My issues are also the same as @jnzb described.
Desyncing lags, that are wildly inconsistent making the game unpredictable.
The visuals don’t correlate with what is happening in reality, e.g. pressing block and seeing your block fully settled but then suddenly being hit because the game has not registered it yet/the enemy attack in reality came earlier than on your screen.
Killing and hitting enemies visually, but the hitmarks and actual death/damage/effect only appearing quarter second or so later.

From germany, download region frankfurt - tried munich as well since living inbetween, but no changes

The pings also don’t say anything about the behavior ingame.

Have these problems since the 3.4 patch and they never got better/went away.
Couldn’t play this game anymore since then.
Weirdest thing: playing with my brother in the same house and connection still has these desyncs

console-2021-04-13-06.40.49-c1dda7c8-378b-47e8-9565-cb691db68684.log (3.0 MB)


Plauged by connection issues. When I’m hosting a match it’s like a revolving door with players connecting and disconnecting. The only constant is that if theres more than 2 players (host + one) in the lobby/game someone is going the be disconnecting at some point.
The last game I hosted we were playing Halescourge, running trough it with 3 guys, a fourth joins and one of the first ones is disconnected. After the bossfight only guy is standing, before he can get to us and free us on the run towards the portal he disconnects and the match fails. Pretty miffed about it at that point

When I’m joing other lobbies through quickplay I always get disconnected. Lobbysearch isn’t much better, I never seem to be able to join one in the first place. And if I do manage to join one it’s after a 10-20min of try and re-try

I have verified my gamefiles through steam and checked my download region. The router and pc have both been restarted/rebooted multiple times.

console-2021-04-15-09.54.36-b5fc3944-eb92-4e8e-9c8b-7f5abbbc7cb6.log (1.8 MB)

Please Fatshark, tell us you are looking into this?! Since it broke with 3.4, there must be a way of fixing this? Could Chaos Wastes include a solution? The game is just unplayable, which is especially frustrating with the new DLC coming up.

Still getting lost connection to Xbox Live when my Xbox Live connection is fine…is everyone still having this issue? Wtf Fatshark?! This is pathetic, smh.

You sent a comment at a guy who doesnt have anything to do with FS except being one of the victims of their spaghetti code x)

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I know, I was trying to highlight that this is still a very real issue for a number of players.

Hey, I’ll do my best to help him!!

Best I can do is:
Have you tried turning it on and off again? @jnzb

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Why not join the Fatshark Discord