Connections issues

I play from Argentina , since the last patch the game keeps connecting me to European and asian players , and now when i actually play with someone from my region i still have like a 1 second delay on every action. Its imposible to play like this

Whenever I play with PUGs through quickplay or lobby browser, More often than not its laggy and the delay is just too much to manage. If I host its fine for me but clients joining often complain about lag and leave… the only time it’s good for everyone is playing private games with friends in my area. I agree it does seem like this has gotten a lot worse since 1.0.8 went live

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Try searching games via Lobby Browser. At least it helps me, and I almost always get playable ping when joining “near” games.

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Or host games yourself.

I think it’s a falling player numbers problem. It’s getting harder and harder to find games, especially outside of prime time. Thus the game is forced to connect players across large distances.

On another note, there’s been quite a few “broken connection” problems recently, that never used to happen.

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This, have had this a few times, friends too. Semi unrelated but sometimes they can’t join groups unless a quickplay lobby is started. Because of “private” when it’s not checked.

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