Matchmaking issues

Hi there,

I’ve been having trouble with the matchmaking recently. I’ve been playing since release and never had that sort of problems, no idea where it might come from…

Basically I often can’t join any game. I’m stuck waiting while the game find some lobbies but can’t join them. (it tries to connect, fails, and tries to find another game, and it’s stuck in a loop) I have to go back to main menu to cancel the search.

If I try to host a game, I see people joining but no-one is able to connect to my lobby. Well at least for some (long) time. Last time I waited for approx. 10 min then people could suddenly join.

This is weird because it’s not always buggy like that. And I can play with friends without any problem…

I tried to erase steam’s cache, reinstalled the game, reinstalled steam… The issue keeps coming back.

I can still play the game but really it takes forever to join or create a game, it’s fairly annoying.

Any idea why this happens ?

thanks a lot

I appreciate this isn’t always an option, but would you be able to briefly connect your PC to a mobile data hotspot, purely to see if the same issue occurs?

This will help us isolate the issue.


Thank you for investigating my issue.

Unfortunately, my PC is connected through network cable and I have no way to connect to a WIFI of any kind :confused: I’d need to buy a WIFI adapter for that

I understand!

I see you’re able to connect to your buddies as normal - are you all located within the same area?

Well I guess it depends the size of the area ! But we are all located in Paris or close to Paris. (No more than 15km away from each others I guess)

To continue on my issue : it keeps occuring every time I want to play solo. Can’t join or let people join for a pretty long time then it suddenly works. Whenever the game finally start, people seem to leave often (maybe connection problem with my session, not sure of that) and then I see people trying to join without succeeding… Then after a long time again 1 or 2 people do manage to join…

This is really weird !

Would you be happy for a member of our QA department to contact you and arrange a time where you can attempt to connect to one another?

We can then monitor the network activity on our end, and ideally identify the issue.

They will provide all instructions, and it shouldn’t take long. Please send over the URL to your Steam profile if you’re okay with this. :slight_smile:

That would be awesome, thanks a lot !

Here’s my steam profile :

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I added someone from your team on steam :slight_smile:

For info, I was playing mostly solo recently. But today I tried to play with a friend and turns out he couldn’t join my lobby and I couldn’t join his… So yeah it’s worst than what I said previously :confused:

Excellent, that would be Joakim from our QA department!

I will stay in contact with him to see how we’re progressing with this case. Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

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Just wanted to report that my issue somehow resolved itself, as Joakim probably told you.

I wasn’t playing for a few days because of the issue. Then I was contacted by Joakim to run a few test, but when he tried to join and I searched for games it did work perfectly. And it has worked since then…

I have no idea what happened, I can only be sorry for wasting both of your time, but thanks a lot for trying to help me resolve it anyway. It’s really nice thay you take time to help your players that much :slight_smile:

Anyway, time to slay some rats, thank you again !

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