Connection Timing Out

I can’t connect to any other players in the game, I get connection time outs every time.

I’ve ensured UPNP is enabled on my router, I can play other games over steam with the same people I tried to connect to. Quick play encounters the same issue.

Seemingly relevant bit of log file:

15:01:04.910 [Lua] [ChatManager][1]System: Found game…
15:01:04.910 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Exiting state MatchmakingStateSearchGame with on_exit()
15:01:04.910 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Entering MatchmakingStateRequestJoinGame on_enter()
15:01:04.911 [Lua] [LobbyAux] Making combined_hash: bd733036ee922052 from network_hash=caf66d1028306f24, trunk_revision=137495, engine_revision=1b5ec5091c4e, project_hash=bulldozer
15:01:04.911 [Lua] [ChatManager][1]System: Connecting to game session.
15:01:04.917 [Lua] [LobbyClient] Changed state from nil to joining
15:01:05.139 [SteamLobby] Detected added member 1100001023a608b
15:01:05.139 [SteamLobby] Detected added member 11000013c0c726c
15:01:05.139 [SteamLobby] Detected added member 110000101065e8e
15:01:05.139 [SteamLobby] Detected added member 110000100b9865b
15:01:05.141 [Lua] [LobbyClient] Changed state from joining to joined
15:01:05.141 [Lua] [PartyManager] Leader is set to 1100001023a608b
15:01:05.141 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Joined lobby, checking network hash…
15:01:05.148 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Network hashes matches, waiting to connect to host with user name ‘Crazy Devil’…
15:01:05.358 [Application] Lua signals application exit.
15:01:05.442 [Lua] [StateIngame] Skipped uploading telemetry data for the inn level
15:01:05.442 [Lua] Clearing all global lookup lists
15:01:05.442 [Lua] [IngamePlayerListUI] - Destroy
15:01:05.442 [Lua] [EquipmentUI] - Destroy
15:01:05.442 [Lua] [AbilityUI] - Destroy
15:01:05.442 [Lua] [GamePadEquipmentUI] - Destroy
15:01:05.442 [Lua] [GamePadAbilityUI] - Destroy
15:01:05.443 [Lua] [IngameUI] destroy
15:01:05.498 [Lua] [Managers] Destroying state managers…
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [EnemyPackageLoader] unload_enemy_packages (unload startup enemies=true)
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [Matchmaking] unregister rpcs
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [Matchmaking] destroying
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [ChatManager] Unregistering channel 1
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [EnemyPackageLoader] network_context_destroyed
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [PartyManager] network_context_destroyed
15:01:05.510 [Lua] [GameMechanismManager] network_context_destroyed
15:01:05.510 [Lua] initializing mechanism to: adventure
15:01:05.510 [EACServer] [Destroy] Called
15:01:05.516 [SteamVoipRoom] Leaving room 1f6a99b8511011b7
15:01:05.516 [SteamVoipRoom] Destroying room 1f6a99b8511011b7
15:01:05.576 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/beings/player/dwarf_ranger_upgraded/third_person_base/chr_third_person_base, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.580 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: resource_packages/careers/dr_ranger, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.580 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/beings/player/first_person_base/chr_first_person_bot_base, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.588 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/beings/player/first_person_base/chr_first_person_base, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.590 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/beings/player/dwarf_ranger_upgraded/first_person_base/chr_first_person_mesh, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.591 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/beings/player/dwarf_ranger_upgraded/headpiece/dr_u_hat_01, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.591 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/weapons/player/wpn_dw_2h_axe_01_t1/wpn_dw_2h_axe_01_t1_3p, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.591 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/weapons/player/wpn_dw_xbow_01_t1/wpn_dw_xbow_01_t1, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.592 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/weapons/player/wpn_dw_2h_axe_01_t1/wpn_dw_2h_axe_01_t1, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.592 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/weapons/player/wpn_crossbow_quiver/wpn_crossbow_bolt, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.594 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/weapons/player/wpn_dw_xbow_01_t1/wpn_dw_xbow_01_t1_3p, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.594 [Lua] [PackageManager] Unload: units/weapons/player/wpn_crossbow_quiver/wpn_crossbow_bolt_3p, InventoryPackageSynchronizerClient
15:01:05.594 [Lua] [LobbyHost] Destroying

The Connection Timeout error is unfortunately often router or ISP-related. For debugging purposes, could you hook your PC up to a mobile data connection to see if the error persists?

Hello Julia,

You’re correct that using my phone as a hotspot now works - my question would be why is your game unique in this respect?

I’ve never had this issue with any game I’ve played in the past.

I couldn’t say, unfortunately. You could try running through the router and DNS-related solutions listed here.

Otherwise it might be worth contacting your ISP and explaining that you’re having issues with your connectivity to, which is the endpoint to our backend. They might be able to see why that connection can’t be established.

Thanks for your reply.

Changing my DNS to the CloudFlare one didn’t work.

Also, the link in your documentation on how to change your DNS is broken.

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