A single Steam friend can't join game or vice versa

We’ve seen over the weekend the following theme to reoccur:

  • Friend A (+130hrs clocked in) tries to join my game, it timeouts constantly. The loading screen doesn’t appear.
    -I try to join Friend A game, resulting to timeout.
  • Friend B (0 hrs) can join my game.
  • I can also join Friend B game.

Both me and Friend A have reinstalled the game and running 4.6.4. We also have tried to run the game in official and modded realm.

We can all join to other games through the Lobby.

Not sure whether this is a tech support or bug - for me it is both! Any ideas how to solve this?

From our experience this is usually the result of a routing incompatibility, which your ISP should be able to help with. I recommend contacting your ISP, it may help to reference our server address: https://5107.playfabapi.com/

Thanks for prompt response!

I managed to take a look on the logs from the test and this is what I see:

18:30:44.578 [Lua] Connected to host: 11000010c43e23a, using channel: 5
18:30:44.578 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Joined lobby, checking network hash…
18:30:44.593 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Network hashes matches, waiting to connect to host with user >name ‘<>’…
18:30:52.496 [Lua] [PlayFabMirrorBase] _commit_internal “5”
18:30:52.496 [Lua] ---------------------- BackendInterfaceStatisticsPlayFab:save ----------------------
18:30:52.513 [Lua] generate_backend_stats 1100001065c4814:1
18:30:52.569 [Lua] [BackendInterfaceStatisticsPlayFab] No modified player statistics to save…
18:30:52.569 warning: [Lua] BackendManagerPlayFab:get_interface: Requesting unknown interface >win_tracks
18:30:52.572 [Lua] [PlayFabMirrorBase] commit result “success”, “5”
18:30:55.145 [Steam] Connection af7286df to remote 11000010c43e23a rejected, reason 5008
18:30:56.146 [Handshaker] Lost connection 51 to 11000010c43e23a
18:31:06.823 [Window] Window => inactive
18:31:14.737 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Failed to connect to host due to timeout. lobby_id=1860000e74aa83e, host_id:<>
18:31:14.737 [Lua] [Matchmaking] Adding broken lobby: 1860000e74aa83e Due to bad connection or something: true, ignoring it for 120 seconds

Does the line with [Steam] Connection af7286df to remote 11000010c43e23a rejected reason 5008 indicate the routing issue or just timeout in general?

Hmmm I’ve no experience with reason 5008 so I’ve queried this with my colleagues instead!

I think I’ve had a similar experience to this as well with it happening occasionally here and there.

Usually we play like normal and somebody eventually can’t join the lobby with them getting a straight timeout after about ~40 seconds of trying to “load”, with the host not even getting a chat notification that somebody was joining to begin with.

In my experience with this issue have everyone involved just forcibly quit/restart the steam client and the problem should clear itself up.


That sounds pretty much what we are experiencing: timeout without a notice to the host that someone was trying to join while the player who is trying to join, doesn’t get the loading screen visible. Will try the Steam client reboot from all involved.

It’s just mind boggling for me that I played this with my friend at least 60 hours without any problems, put the game to shelf for 6 months then when we wanted to start playing again, this issue comes in.

I have a work around, i usually join a random person from the lobby browser and then i go back to the lobby then try to rejoin my friend.
It works if you take a little longer than a minute.

No idea whats causing, but red flag isued, one of the 400+hours verminchads i know is giving up the game due to this specific technicality.

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