Connection timeout - still

Can you do something about this issue? It’s in the game since the beginning, and so annoying if you disband as a host or got disbanded as a client you cannot join back due to “connection timeout”. Restarting the whole game fixes it, but why does this thing even exists? The contents are nice, but instead of playing them, people spend time to join, restart, join, “who should restart”, etc.

This is usually a localised ISP or router-related issue. Please see here for more information and potential solutions for the Connection Timeout errors.

Hello. I checked that page, but still 4 different ISPs, 3 different places in a town, 3 different routers. And we still get this every day at least once.

WLAN=>Wire has increased stability for me massively. If you already use a wire, nevermind.

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Tried. My sis has gigabit net, optical, still has the same. Me used mobile provider, now cable. Tried wired, tried wireless. No success.

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