Connection time out AGAIN

Everytime i play hunt showdown and then open vermintide 100% of the times i will have connection time out bug, and so are my friends, done all the technical tips sugested previously and it cannot be a client side problem.
Apparently it only goes back AFTER deleting steam download cache (wich forces app restart) and shutting network adapter off and on again.
Please reconsider giving it a look, this is turning into an isue.

This is odd - are you and your buddies playing in the same country, same ISP?

Yes, same country but 3 different isps, we re all brazilians but only 2 of us are on the same state.
Funnily enough a few times after having this problem i went afk a little then when i came back it started connecting to lobbies again, don’t know if this information is useful but could hint where the problem is.

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