'Connection Timeout'


Me and my friend bought this game because it looks fantastic but it seems my wifi won’t let me join games.

No matter what I do I cannot join anyone else’s game and no one can join me. It has a loading potrait in the top right and then always has connection timeout.

I have UNPN on and when I use mobile tethering it works fine.

What can I do to make my wifi work with this game because I really want to enjoy it

Thank you!

Hello! Have you tried rebooting your router?

Yes and this still occurs

also whenever I quit to try another solution my game crashes and this shows up

GUID: 152cf881-0a89-4859-a79c-d124db57f0a2
Log File:
Info Type:

The crash upon exit is a known issue. :slight_smile:

The bad news is, we usually see this error when a player has a bad router, but there is a couple of other solutions you can try:

I have port forwarded (I think) Don’t know whether I did it right or not but it still isn’t working.

I have EE broadband with a max of 2.5mb/s and I am unable to contact them right now

I would certainly recommend reaching out to EE when you can, and perhaps request a new router.

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