Community will grow increasingly toxic the more time goes by without something being done about loot

Due to the rng nature of the director sometimes sending a lot of bs your way, like the Storm Fiend/Bile Troll coming in the hallway so you try to back up into an open area and a horde spawns along with a ton of disablers who IMMEDIATELY start grabbing people instead of giving a warning cue for a few seconds first, not to mention various bugs, and so on, at end game play you will end up with very angry toxic players because there is no more progression and chance for reds is so slim.

Progression or some sort of cosmetic or reward takes the sting out of losing to rng or even just self mistakes or weak teammates. With the odds already being so low, players who have gone a long time with no reward will get very upset over the loss of a single tome or grim, or even any misplay that puts the books at risk.

You will be able to easily observe this for yourselves in the coming weeks if not already. The people you used to have fun running with will complain much more about any mistake, once they’ve gone a while without any loot reward and all their attention is focused on gameplay minutiae alone. You could also simply do an analysis of all the forum posts to prove this for yourself and not have to take my word. Just count up the people complaining about toxic players the past two weeks and the coming few weeks and measure the increase.

This won’t be because a bunch of buttholes suddenly decided to start playing v2, just that more and more people are running out of progression potential and don’t get any red/cosmetic drops proportional to the time and effort invested. Losing a silly map but still sometimes getting a hat from a commendation chest makes it ok. But since the reward that would nullify the frustration is so rare, people are going to take that frustration out on other players when nothing is there to cancel it out.


Honestly, I do not think toxicity has anything to do with loot, cosmetics, or really any other aspects of the game. I think it has to do with increasing popularity of the game. Originally this was a very niche game because of its difficulty. Casual players are normally put off by this game because of this aspect. However, as the game becomes more popular, it starts attracting more casual players whom expect everything for nothing. It is this entitled attitude that results in toxicity. The selfishness.

Edit: But yes, as the game becomes more and more popular, it will become more and more toxic regardless of what fatshark does. Look at overwatch, they constantly spend time/money trying to combat toxicity and they keep failing. It is just the way of things and not much can be done about it (but companies still try mainly for the PR)


Overwatch is a competitive pvp game. Vermintide a coop pve game. There are totally different sources of toxicity for a game.
Making a game a pvp-alike with a chase for maximum kills results in a “kind of pvp game”. But with different characters with strengths for kills.
The loot does influence the player. If there is no loot to play for, they start to play to compare themselves, even in a pve game.

No, I’m inclined to agree. The first game had the same issues, and they were corrected after it became a pretty serious community issue. There were all kinds of things changed to make it better.

  1. They added the shrine, letting you reroll your percentages to higher levels.
  2. They allowed you to roll traits and choose between keeping the old one, or taking the new one.
  3. They added the bounty board to make item progression less RNG dependant.
  4. DLC weapons were weighted to drop more often if you repeated the missions without getting one.
  5. Loot was changed to favour the character you were playing, for those who played few characters.
  6. Heck, red items were first introduced as there was originally no end game progression.

And a whole bunch of other changes that, frankly, I honestly cant remember anymore.

Did you know? It took me over 200 hours to get my first Lichbone Pendant, the one that reduced the health you lost from carrying grims. Widely considered one of the best trinkets, and I never got it before the bounty board. This game has no bounty board, so we are almost entirely relying on RNG here.

RNG is a breeding ground for toxicity, as a new player can get a red on their first champion while a veteran player might go hundreds of hours without one. RNG is terrible for player satisfaction.

I myself have found 4 red items for example. Yay! Too bad 3 of them are trinkets… =_=


I got mine at lvl 300+, dont remember the hours I already had. I do agree with all your points, but they are regarding the loot and not the toxicity or how the game is getting pushed into a pvp setting right now.
Since I dont see you replied to me, I’m not sure who you are addressing, if you didnt answer to my post then I’m sry.

It was a general post, not directed at anyone. My points are about how the loot system was changed in VT1, in response to a lot of toxicity and negative player feedback about loot related issues.

I’m seeing various repeats here, and some new ones. For VT2, a few examples:

  1. Green dust is becoming extremely rare for Champion / Legend players.
  2. Reds are too rare for most players, and this compounds frustration when reds can dupe.
  3. Cosmetics are awesome, but they might as well not exist for the average player.
  4. You can’t reroll percentages unlike VT1, so its really bothering mix / maxers and testers.
  5. The lack of stats and other information has been infuriating to some people.
  6. Ranalds “Gift” often feels like it exists purely to screw you out of an Emperor tier chest.

Etc. A lot of frustration comes from the fact that all loot is RNG due to no bounty board, the scarcity of hats, as well as a feeling of loot going backwards due to missing things like the Shrine from VT1.

Its not all down to loot though. The game currently has other frustrating elements.

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Ah okay sure, then Im 100% with you, but you forgot 1 thing.
No lvl cap. I already mentioned it once in another thread. Not limiting the lvl, allowed “daily-players” to grind without getting constant loot. It was some kind of cosmetic feature, some kind of show off thing. It was a direct reward for the hours and effort you put in, without giving you a tons of items, there was no effort in creating and designing stuff, a simple number going up.

To be honest, by the time the shrine, bounty board and dlc’s were out, most of us older players were maxed out. The bounty board was a nice addition, but I rarely used it, only for reds or hats (which was nice and totally a must-have for newer players to get their attention and reward system going).

there’s also not much need for “real” co op right now, being that even in legend you can kick down the door kicking and screaming and pull off a win, unless it decides to spawn a patrol inside of someone and a boss at the same time. without a real challenge there isn’t much for those types to do other than compete for precious e-peen circles on the scoreboard


@KrazyKruber razyKruber
I think most people went through stages of

desparatly wanting red item
getting depresed about not getting any
getting more depresed seeing everyone with red items
accepting there will never be red items for you
giving up on reds and focusing to other things
finding out you have all red items you wanted and even more
enjoying game

and yeah screw ranald and his luck, this thing is absolutly pointless. But cannot think right now how to clearly balance it with those dices, which except lords are also another rng…
And if you wanted now to remove those rng things, well you would most likelly need totally different reward system and I doubt that something like that is ever gonna change.

Brace yourself Kruber you will soon get past depressing parts and will get to acceptance part

You do realize this post is about a year old and OP was last here more than half a year ago? :slight_smile:

Well it appeared as suggested topics, would not expect that old topic to apear at all, so no I was not aware of that :smiley:

Prior to a certain point where auto-locking was added to the fora, there are some OLD threads that haven’t been manually locked and so they appear every now and then. when @Fatshark_Hedge sopts these they get manually locked but until then we just have to see them appear every now and then.

Exactly that. We added autolock to inactive threads some time after the forums inception but it didn’t work retroactively.

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