Community Survey Results Discussion Video is up on Twitch

Greets all. Jsat hosted a 2.5 hour stream (half presentation, half discussion with guests) earlier today to present a breakdown of the community results survey that wrapped up last week. He had 2700 responses so there’s a good deal to chew on! VOD is here.

Key takeaways from the data:

  • A large proportion of the core players have maxed out the available official challenges in the game
  • Even the most experienced players are concerned with loot
  • Because modded realm has no loot, it’s failing to provide endgame content to most people
  • Because modded realm has no quickplay, matchmaking for modded games is mostly done on discord
  • YouTube is the number one place people find and use content to improve their play
  • Most people have the tools to use voice in-game (Discord and a mic) but don’t opt to use them
  • Most players on Reddit/Steam/Fatshark Forum aren’t interested in content from modded realm (e.g. Deathwish Onslaught videos)
  • Quickplay is king! From beginners to the most advanced players, everybody uses quickplay extensively

Suggestions for Fatshark:

  • Addressing in-game mic issues (or integrating discord) could be a big win
  • Improving quickplay (e.g. extending it to deeds, allowing players to name their lobbies) could be a big win
  • Sanctioning more mods is a clear win; being slow to sanction mods has hurt the creativity and output of modders
  • If challenge mods are to fulfill their potential (to provide endgame content) loot needs to be involved.

There’s a bunch more, naturally. I’d suggest popping it open on 2x speed and skimming through.


Nice, thank you <3

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Concerned with loot how? O_O

But good job still^^

You don’t have any gratification from well done job. Even if play itself its fun you want something from it too, most players stopped caring about lootbox outside of commendation because only they can give cosmetics.

Everyone likes loot… I have all reds and I’m sitting on like 100 red dust after crafting multiple reds. I’d still rather play Legend quick play than a premade DWON group on modded simply due to loot. It’s the same reason I would only run the weekly events if a streamer or friend asked me too as well. It’s not that I need the loot, but I’d rather have the vaults incase they do release new items or cosmetics.


Loot itself has its own problems! Questions about loot satisfaction/problems were left out of the survey on purpose, just because its an issue that people often feel very strongly about and Jsat didn’t want it to overwhelm the other topics.

But yeah – I wrote myself an autohotkey script to automate opening 100s of boxes because it was so boring and unrewarding. It’s a bad sign when people are actively trying to avoid your “rewards”.

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Problem is not with loot but with how long it take to open it and scrap stuff and probably that you left with scrap that you dont even have way to do anything

Concerned with loot in the sense that they want to be making progress with cosmetics, reds, art, etc. The takehome Jsat made was that “the loot ceiling is way higher than the challenge ceiling in the game”. In other words, it’s very likely players will find themselves unchallenged by the vanilla game well before they’ve “completed” their loot progression. When that happens people either settle into a boring grind, leave progression behind and go to mods, or resent having to make either of two bad choices and just leave the game.


Sure. What I mean by loot is the whole “loot ecosystem”. How you get it, drop-rates, conversions, how long it takes to open it, how long it takes to prune your inventory, etc.

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