Community Suggestion Compendium

Updated for Patch 1.0.4

Please see original Reddit post for more discussion.


UI - Score Screen

UI - Crafting

Gameplay - Combat

Gameplay – Enemy Balance

Gameplay – Stat Transparency

Gameplay - Progression

Gameplay - Misc

Hero Voiceover Overhaul

Please comment with any missing suggestions and I’ll add them here. Thank you Fatshark for working with the community to continue improving a fantastic game.


A few additional suggestions:

Change the default control scheme for PC players:

  • Shift to dodge
  • Space to jump
  • “Dodge and jump” key unbound


  • You should be able to ping anything with an outline (levers, switches, keys, suspicious blocks, etc.).
  • Unopened chests should be pingable, not the contents inside. Opened chests should have the items inside pingable as normal.
  • You should not be able to ping items without line of sight, or pick up items without line of sight.


  • Bots should be configurable to not use a heal until they’re on the last downed state, or until you tell them to use it somehow.
  • If you give a bot an item, there should be a cooldown before they decide to give it back to you in your empty slot (picking up a bot-inaccessible grim is annoying when your bot wont keep your potion).


  • Something should be done about “Player Outlines” having an “On” and “Always On” setting. Nobody would assume that it has three states, that needs to be very clear. Also fixing all the problems with outlines disappearing on occluded/distant players & enemies.

  • Something needs to educate players about how many “downed” states you have per difficulty.

  • It would be nice to be able to keep your training dummies wherever you want (if you’re the host). I like to bring mine near the bridge of shadows while I wait for players to be ready, and it would be great to allow them to stay there. If they get lost they can respawn in the default location. Being able to ready-up without being in the bridge of shadows would also be nice.

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But muh grim/tome skips reeeeee

More seriously, not pinging without line of sight opens up a lot of issues centered around how you define LoS. Will a horde block LoS, thus making it impossible to ping a faraway special unit like a Packmaster?

Also with regards to pinging, I feel like the cooldown between pings should be lessened, or outright removed. Too many times do I accidentally ping a very-obvious ambient Stormvermin when I was trying to ping a distant, sneaking assassin, and now need to wait 5(?) seconds before I’m allowed to try to help my team again. Furthermore, it’d be a nice and much-needed buff to the WHC, who should basically be spamming pings nonstop.


I was referring to items only, but in the case of enemies, whatever is closest to your crosshair should ping in my opinion.

I also think nearby pingable enemies should also ping. So if you ping one lone stormvermin, his hidden patrol around the corner will also ping.

I could see a faster ping rate, with some kind of throttling after the first few times to prevent outright spamming.

Collected/organized posts like this is an excellent way to give Devs feedback. They might have something in-house that’s similar, but giving the community’s perspective on issues can also be helpful I imagine.

I have no doubt that FatShark will be fixing some of these in the upcoming patches. Thanks for collecting and organizing these problems.

Thank you for making this post here as well! Hope thread is given the attention it deserves.

There are currently plenty quality of life improvements to be had in the game going forward, this being said, the one that caught my attention in the follow up comments is the “Outlines not being shown sometimes despite having the enable outlines always on set”

Dont forget to add the thread pointing out how horribly broken the VO is at the moment. Its there in the Reddit post, could use redoubling here.

Saw this posted on the reddit too - Nice stuff, thanks for taking time to compile this!


Sometimes the voices of charackteres can be heared without them beeing in the mission.
e.g. Today in Fort Brachsenbrücke i heard Markus Kuber voices after completing the mission. but we were elf,dwarf,wh,witch.

If enemies are killed , their dead bodies preform sometimes amazing acrobatics. Last weekend after defeating a chaos spawn it was paracuted into the air and then dissapeared. (This happened once)
but somtimes the dead bodies which are lying on the ground just suffer from elpilesm. (This was a bug i even saw in Vermintide 1)

I agree, tanks need a tank stat. I had to make video clips to convince my friends I was actually doing them good even with my low damage as a Foot Knight. I’m like bro, you’re OP elf is getting to free cast because I am always watching your ass and shield bashing entire hordes off you… not my fault there’s not a damage prevented/absorbed/ sheild bash used count on the score screen.

Shade - Volleybow
Increase Elf Shade Volleybow ammo to 45.
Increase rate of fire to match Saltzpyre’s.

Shade - Backstab
Add an indicator for successful backstab.
Add ammo restoration to backstab innately; talent can restore more shots.

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I want to say thanks to you and the rest of the team for taking the time to listen to the community, and also for all of the work you’ve all put into creating one of my new favorite games and universes.

The game is such a great experience to play and seeing the team behind it go the extra mile to communicate with the players gives me huge confidence that Vermintide 2 is going to continue to be a fantastic experience.

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