Rework of UI/Highlight elements to showcase secrets as well

Hello everyone, I’m Emma Nielsen, and i’m kinda new to the scene, i’m fully aware that even if a change like this were to even go through, I would probably already have learned all the locations, so i’m not making this feedback for personal, but because I feel like it would help out the new players even more, now to dig into the feedback.

I’m a new player to Vermintide 2, I just got my Shade up to lv 32 and i’m rocking in 572 Hero Power, as in getting there to the late game. Throughout my journey of playing solo, and sometimes with premade friends, I realized that I often end up in toxic environment. Such as I get removed from lobbies for not knowing where grimmoires are. there are too many maps so it feels overwhelming to remember all of it. So I was thinking, why is it that these items are so expected to be known by the community, yet. incredible “hard” to detect throughout a run, unless you really know where they are specifically.

So in terms of feedback, I think it would be in FatSharks best interest to add a mechanic that lets us either Feel a treasure nearby, such as grimoire, or. have a highlight sense so we can see them through walls and then it’s up to us whether we pick it up or not.

as previously stated, I’ll personally prolly figure it all out on my own before even a change like this would happen, so it’s not because i’m here whining/crying over it beeing hard to find. I just feel like the toxic moments of just simple beeing rooted for not knowing where a secret is in a game was a bit farfetched.

Veterans already knows all the spots, so this would only make game more beginner friendly. Personally.

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I think the issues here is just toxicity. There are still some maps that i don’t know every location on personally, and i just let my lobby know or i ask if someone could show me.

I don’t know what difficulty you play on but i would assume champ or legend. Idk how toxic champion is but i’ve experienced my fair share of toxic moments in legend myself.
Your solution might make the game more accesible but it would also remove some map exploration. But the ‘feel a treasure’ idea could he cool, so you still have to figure it out a bit yourself.

Everytime some stupid stuff happens I hear its champion

Champion is weirdly more toxic than Legend. Champion has people who run off, do stupid stuff, rant about mindless things and generally try and get away with being pillocks, and they often can get away with it so it perpetuates the mindset.

All of the above behaviour in Legend gets you killed fast, so people tend not to do it and stick together a bit better, reducing the toxicity a little.

As for the Grimoires and tomes, it’s something of a community tradition - finding hidden things. There was a special map in Vermintide 1 where you had to find four books -and they were invisible-… before you could unlock a hidden level.

While I can understand the frustration of getting kicked by idiots for things like that, you’ll learn the locations a lot faster than you think.

I float between Champ/Legend so if you want someone to team up with I’m playing in Champ quite often.

Yeah I wanted to be careful with the “exploration is still needed” aspect, and I also see that majority of grimoires/tome’s actually are behind an obstacle, I also saw some abuse where people just jump and reach item rather than doing the intended way.

my idea/suggestion was more to highlight that there is an item nearby, so that new beginners can start looking for it, and thus learn by searching or at least get an idea that something is nearby.

maybe a slight shiny/light that shows where the items are so you have a direction, but it is still “guessable” at best.

This way I feel like people would with time learn rather than being booted off game just because you had no idea.

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I don’t understand the problem here! Why do other players kick you because you don’t know item locations? They can simply tag that item (books aswell) with holding T and choose your character and everyone can see those items with a blue outline through walls… that sounds like exactly what you want, just not automated… and it even gives a command in chat so you know what others ask you to do. Imo that’s good enough and I personally never had trouble with that mechanic, well except ppl are just tunnel-visioned level rushers or the typical no-books Cata-player ^^ I really enjoy the search for new books and secrets when there are new maps and don’t really want some kind of “spider-sense” to spoiler me… Olesya does that annoying enough. If you really struggle with the locations maybe take a look into the Steam Guide.

I get the feeling it’s not so much the actual location of the secrets, but rather toxic players response to it. I can remember when the hop to the ledge to get 2nd grim on festering ground was pixel perfect hell, and witnessing a five minute slanging match as to who would do the jump because no one wanted the falling damage.

I like finding the locations through exploration, and I think it is one of the best things about enchanter lair is there’s so much to discover, the secret switches and chalice locations.

Maybe the spider sense could be available as an option to turn on or off.

I actually don’t remember if the tutorial teaches you that there are hidden books and grims on every map. If it doesn’t teach new players i’m all for hints or some kind of infobox that lets players know there are hidden items on maps. I don’t remember if the game lets you know tbh, as i check 3rd party resources alot, but new players shouldn’t have to check 3rd party resources. It’s the same thing for breakpoints and stuff. This doesn’t mean handholding, but just letting players know that there are items to find can only be a good thing i feel.

@OP welcome to the game, glad you are enjoying it. It’s sad to hear about this level of toxicity. Just ignore the guys, if you can. While books make for better loot, they are hardly the core of the game, and in fact, if you were playing on champ, even a full book champ run will yield inferior loot compared to almost the barest legend map, and on cata (if you happen to have the dlc) people finally stop caring about the things alltogether. My advice is add people you have fun playing with, most players in this game are friendly. try playing on a higher setting if you can, oddly enough it reduces toxicity as a general rule, and until you have enough friends, if your pub experience is so bad, you can try using a sanctioned mod which will enable you to host quick play maps. that way you can’t be kicked for these asinine reasons.

since i’m new to this game, I can tell you this. There are 0 indications/tutorial.

the only thing there is, is the prolog which at best teaches you your F ability + how to heal somebody else. Whelp I guess bow usage as well.

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YEah I was helping someone with 90 hours and they didn’t know block was 360 degrees.

… Mattie asked the OP :roll_eyes::ok_hand:


Big brain Mattie

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