Feedback on changes to Grim&books,scoreboard

Hello again,

Just writing to say that in general I like the changes to grimiores and tomes as well as the scoreboard at the end of a run just showing total kills; I don’t know if there is more to the scoreboard that I have not noticed, thinking on it now, I don’t pay much attention to that sort of stuff.

I imagine some players find the changes anemic (in Vermintide, tomes and Grims were for increasing your chances of better loot, now I think it only gets you $ and xp) I do think overall though it is a net positive because it takes away a reason for players to be toxic. Blaming a player for losing a grim or putting down someone because the scoreboard shows they took the most damage. The toxicity I’ve witnessed so far has been quite light.

Admittedly, this has been only my personal experience so far though.

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Would be nice to have a personal score board with a detailed break down of melee and range kills and damage taken and the public one with just kills or set to hidden.
Idc what my team get in kills anyway since ogryns with shields protect and stagger everything around them sharpshooter pick off specials and zealots can burn every horde that spawns and get a million squishy kills if they wanted.
I mainly want to see my damage taken.

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I hated grims and books in V2 so I’m glad they’re non essential now. As for the scoreboard, I just want to see personal kills, and maybe headshots as well. Only “toxicity” that woild come out of that would be my friends and I comparing against each other and making fun of each other in a friendly way, which was one of my favorite things about coop with friends in VT 2.

Tomes and Grims are a huge backstep in this game.
They shouldnt have random locations lying somewhere on the ground. Give them unique locations where you have to do something to get them and give us proper rewards for picking them up just like in V2. Maybe crafting materials. On the same note, let Bosses also drop stuff.
Searching every last inch of every map because they could be anywhere sucks hard in comparison, even more so since the rewards are exp and gold.

Yeah agreed, it’s especially not ideal in matchmade groups where some part of the team wants to search every nook and cranny for grims/scrips while the others want to push on (and it increases the time spent in mission by a lot to search every last corner, so the rewards aren’t exactly compelling).

I did wonder whether just having one or two more on the map would help, so you were more likely to find enough to complete the secondary objective, also makes it less painful if somebody gets exploded off the map while carrying one.

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Just have the demon hosts carry the grims.
Only problem I see is that people are really gonna want shield ogryns for pubs or forced to learn how the mechanics of the fight work.