Community Contests?

A short one for now: Aside from FS (since I think I am not allowed to call out on developers), is there any interest in the community/forum (for once asking the forum is enough since the forum is also the target audience of said contests) for community contests and what would be suitable themes?

Just to be clear with community contests I mean something where members of the community make suggestions surrounding a common theme which could be added to the game. Mostly centered around adding “fluff” to the game.

Suitable themes might be:

  • Create a quest description: I’m not sure if they have any description at all like the Vermintide 1 Quests. As it is only text it could be added easily and fast to the game
  • Create/Change a cosmetic/weapon description: Once again, I think the descriptions in Vermintide 1 were more verbose. So the community could improve the currently rather short descriptions on weapons and cosmetics. Again, just text, so it could be added easily.
  • Create an Okri’s Challenge: Suggestions for new Okri’s challenges which are doable with the current game (so no addition of new areas or mechanics). They can be challenge based like the Arrogance Lost challenges and the already time-based achievements or exploration/secret based like the hidden areas one. As this one would need some actually coding it cant be added as easily into the game. So the community would have to show some restrictions.
  • Suggest a new cosmetic together with description: People would probably love this one. But as it needs artist and developer work, it isnt as easy as the other ones.
  • Suggest new secrets: Actually I’m split for this. No, actually I am against this at least in a public format. While it would be cool to add new secrets to the game it is kinda pointless when there is a forum thread listening them all. This would only work if the developers take the suggestions without showing them and then after deciding which they want to implement, they can publish the rest. But this needs a lot more work. Minor “secrets” can also be added as Okri’s challenge. This here would only be for big stuff like the Wizard’s Tower puzzle or Fortunes of War.
  • Create a new art: This would be really cool. But it should be clarified that only entries are allowed which are drawn by the person itself. As such there is a rather small contestant pool.

Maybe I have ideas for some more later. Since we now have the Emporium FS could even give out prices easily in the form of Shillings or maybe a cosmetic of choice from the DLC ones. But yea, this only works with developer involvement then. Technically, we could do this without developer involvment. But it would be just for the lulz then. Also no prices unless someone has enough money and motivation to make oneself.

For Fatshark: Community contests are an easy way to keep your community engaged and integrated to the game. People love to be creative and something of their own having achance of making it into the game (no matter how miniscule it is). Also it would bridge the gaps between your content releases where you could make a month submission for a contest (maybe giving some comments from time to time) while actually working in peace. I think there should be some fairly easy themes which can be easily implemented like the description themes described above.


I like this idea. As you said, it would help keeping the players interested and engaged between new content. Hosting a content like this also wouldn’t require too much effort on Fatshark’s part, making it a feasible thing to do.

This would be familiar territory for Fatshark, as there was a caption contest some months ago. There was a decent turnout. [ENDED] CAPTION CONTEST! Win a Rare 'The Eternal Serpent' Portrait Frame! (Vermintide 2)

Personally, I would love more chances to earn the Eternal Serpent portrait.


This is a great idea. The announcement of each ‘contest’ could be part of a Fatshark stream or something, and as Haiken said it’s a fantastic way to keep players interested and to get a lot more players invested in this game in a deeper way.

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I got my hopes up and thought you meant community events in game :thinking: like the khorne kills one the first time it was released. Or collecting the skulls? Maybe that was vt1.

Any community thing would help at the moment.

Wouldn’t I have said community event then? Frankly, the community events are always kind of lackluster and are often done in a day or two and then forgotten. The only one halfway interesting was the Skaven kill counter in Vermintide 1 which needed prolonged attention. And even that was for frames.

Which bringes me to another important point. If they make community contest they should be advertised through the launcher. I mean the one you linked wasnt that interesting or important but it still went right over my head without notice. They could use the launcher better in that regard.

Frames are probably okay too. Not sure if the interest in them is large or not.