How to add more content

A lot of us really just want more adventure maps. I understand that it’s a lot of work to create new maps, but I have some suggestions:

  • Add A Quiet Drink to the game. A lot of us really enjoyed that map during the brief time that it was available; let us play it more than once a year! Otherwise all the dev work that went into it is basically wasted. (And not wasted in a good way, like the U5 get during that map.)

  • Add the Geheimnisnacht versions of the maps. (For anyone who missed this event, these are not full-on darkness variants, but they’re nighttime versions of the maps.) The dev work was already done, just let us play it! Give us an option to play daytime / nighttime / random versions of the maps.

  • Add the Winds modifiers to the adventure maps. Let us pick a Wind, or play a Random wind, or play the standard map (or nighttime version). As a bonus, this would put most of the expansion content into a part of the game where a lot more people can experience it. I would probably actually buy the expansion if it added a ton of variety to the adventure maps; with Winds locked away in Weaves, the expansion has almost nothing to interest me.

  • (wish list item) Release some level editor tools, so we can do the time-consuming work ourselves? Maybe someday?

Any other suggestions for Fatshark on how to relatively easily add more content for us?

  • Sanction more mods.

Now, depending on your point of view, mods can or cannot really be considered “content”, but it would still be nice during the rather long waiting time between updates, which we can expect due to WoM releasing less than a week ago, to have Fatshark at least showcase stuff the community makes. Especially considering they have an entire department dedicated to modding.

Speaking of things made by the community:

  • Let us make cosmetic items in the Steam Workshop.

The game that comes to my mind immediately is TF2, which has a massive community dedicated to making cosmetic items for the game, and every once in a while, Valve adds some of them to the game, like in the recent Summer 2019 Pack (although they have slowed this down in the last few years).

It’s one of the reasons why I believe TF2 can still manage to survive after so long, since, most of the content for the game (not just cosmetics but also custom maps, as you mentioned yourself), are made by the community itself.

With how no cosmetics were added in WoM (which have upset quite a few people), and with Lohner’s Emporium just kinda hanging in purgatory (perhaps due to the aforementioned lack of new cosmetics?), why not take advantage of the Steam Workshop and allow your playerbase to make content for the game for you?

And not just cosmetic items, I’ve seen some especially good V2 fan art, and it would be a great way to show appreciation for the fan artists by allowing their art to be added to the game itself in the form of Paintings in the Keep or maybe even Portrait Frames.

Speaking of Lohner’s Emporium:

  • Add Lohner’s Emporium!

As most of us know by now, “Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders” is just a fancy way of saying “In-game store”, that allows us to purchase cosmetic items for a currently-non-descript in-game currency, due to their otherwise RNG-reliant way of being obtained.

All of the cosmetics are inside of the game already, so really the only work Fatshark needs to do is make a shop interface and allow us to acquire currency during the game.

Currently, the only reason to play Adventure Mode once you’ve reached the end-game (I.E, all of your characters are max level and you have the best gear), is to just open crates, salvage all of the items you unbox (or, if you’re lucky, actually get a cosmetic to drop), and just wait until you have something to actually do with the scrap you amass (which will come once crafting gets a rework, but that’s not really something we can do here and now if we’re speaking of Fatshark easily adding more content).

Letting us earn some currency on the side which we can use to have a concrete way to earn cosmetics would give incentive to actually keep playing Adventure Mode, since, I would assume Weaves (and the whole “Seasons” thing) was added to replace Adventure Mode altogether due to the aforementioned lack of incentive to play it end-game in the first place?

Heck, why not kill two birds with one stone and allow us to purchase the community-made items inside of the store?

And it doesn’t just have to be cosmetics, Lohner’s Emporium can also sell:

  • Crates, if you just don’t feel you get enough already.

  • Crafting Materials, if you also don’t feel you get enough of these already either. It would also make it easier to acquire Red Dust to make Veteran Weapons, although they would have to cost a lot.

  • Keep decorations.

  • Deeds.

And more!

Anyway, these were just the three things that immediately came to my mind. I might edit this post later if I get some other ideas.


You can already play A Quiet Drink on Live Realm.

Night time variant would be interesting to see though I would say the chance of it being night should be less then the usual.

Map Editor +1

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