Optimism for new beta

I wanted new cosmetics and a way to earn them in game, and we’re getting that. I wanted new adventure maps and not only are we getting them but they’re getting handed out for free. I actually like the concept of cosmetic sales to fund game content when its done well. There’s a lot of potential for a nice content update here.

Also with WoM there was so much to content that needed attention that it was overwhelming. In this case I think it will be a little bit easier to provide the feedback and hopefully on Fatshark’s end to be able to process and use said feedback.

Anyway despite that I can be negative about certain aspects of the game, this is the kind of content I want to see from the game and i’m excited to try it out.


Yea I’m really looking forward to this as well. And I think I prefer this way of doing things. Still 3 map DLCs but stagger them out so they can get touched up before release. And best of all, letting us Beta test the patch before it goes live.

I think people will continue to be impressed if they follow this model. Next dlc? Perhaps stagger out some more maps and throw in the deed rework?


Yeah i think it´s looking good so far, and its even open to for everyone with the game to join in if they want to without any limited access, that i think is great :smile:

Ya know I was gonna say I prefer the dropping of a lump content patch to create a big community hype, but if they do it “here’s a map and here’s a feature” that might be pretty solid. So there’s a new free pieces of core content and a reason to come back and test it. That doesn’t sound like a bad model to me. It works around the fact that adventure maps take awhile. It promotes “game health”. And if they drop in some new cosmetics (paid and earned) into the games at those times there could be a nice little financial model going on. Yeah I could be down for that as a way to release future content.

Hypothetical- Second Drach map comes out and maybe its got a deeds rework in it. Then third map they could drop, a new beastmen unit, or the new class, or a crafting rework, or add back in a new cosmetic slot that lets us do more fashiontide stuff.

And yes a Deeds overhaul would be awesome. Add the winds to adventure maps and maybe even a QP to opt in for deeds. Doesn’t even need to be a seperate QP just a check mark to opt into regular maps or deeds and they we can check either or both.

I don’t care how they release it, or what they release. I just want it to NOT be a monstrous car crash of bug infested imbalanced chaos. Like Launch, and patches prior to BBB, and WoM being a sketchy alpha build…

I’m too jaded by the experience of playing something completely demolished every time they patch something or launch something to tentatively optimistic.

It’s been said before, but how they go about season 2 is make-or-break.

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