Introducing community challenges in V2

What do you think about introducing community challenges in V2? Long or shorter temporary challenges, duration to be defined by Fatshark but for all Vermintide 2 players. Different from Okri’s challenges to be done daily or weekly in solo or in a team. But which would be much more frequent than community events. Okri’s community challenges for the whole V2 team. Idea specifically for PS4/5 but also for players on other platforms, if we could bring everyone together it would be even better. Why specifically on PS4 (I know nothing will ever be done only for the PS4 players), because since Sony removed communities, it has become difficult to “join a community” supporting the same game and to strengthen the bond between different players in the game itself. I am aware that V2 forums exist, proof here Discord, Fatshark site, others. Some games have such community challenges that can be adapted as is to V2, for example it would be “Slay 20,000,000 Stormvermin in a specific way in a specific time” (but I’m sure we can find better, this is just an example). You don’t have to participate, but if you do and we all do it at the end we get something, can be a community frame, skin, dust, or something else. But ideally not shillings, I can understand the system of having to do challenges to earn shillings (money), but honestly, can’t we do better than going through the money box all the time, even in the game world? (What do I get with most of challenges now? 10 shillings…). Anyway the goal is to be rewarded for a work that all the players have done together, beyond the team of 4, I think it goes with Fatshark wanting to make games where team spirit and teamwork is fundamental.

Oh, you mean like the “Slay 100000000 enemies” we had for one of the old events?
Yeah, I loved that idea back then. (Not sure if we would get them often though. They require a lot of work to set up)