Community Event?

Whats the chances of a community event about now? Seems like everyone is stuck inside and something along the lines of the kill counter or collecting the skulls might be great.

I’d LOVE to have a frame for something while we’re all locked up - something Shallya based would be awesome. But I’d rather not be just given it - some kind of event would be great! What could we do with the resources we have without badgering @Fatshark_Hedge and @FatsharkJulia to pull something out of thin air? Surely there’s some more Eternal Serpent kicking around somewhere…

My thoughts;

  • The “Caption this screenshot…” contest saw a really good engagement here with lots of people participating. Another one would be easy and quick to do.

  • There’s a PhotoMod somewhere (although I don’t even know if it works still) which could be good for a wallpaper/ Art competition. Lots of Talented people drawing all kinds of cool stuff.

  • Along that lines, how about Design a Frame? Given the dimensions of the frame there are some talented artists who could rustle something up!

  • Something in-game. This’d be my favourite but would involve the most work.

Anything else?


Give us a week and hopefully we can do some of the above. :wink:


God damn I have to take out and practise my artistic skills.
Which I never had


Well, there are many different possibilities for this, just to name some:

The limitations here are mostly by what Fatshark can imagine and what the community is capable too. In that vein, it might be better if it is something which everyone can too (so nothing to artistic) like the caption-screenshot thingy or making descriptions for something.

If they do something though, they should add a link to the launcher though.

God damn it I need a frame design competition in my life. I have no artistic talent but I am pretty confident I could come up with great Bardin focussed frames. As long as they can be a little rough around the edges :slight_smile:.


Is it beer, beard or brushes related?

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Shockingly, it is not. That would be too obvious :smiley:

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Another “b”?