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Rashad will be corrected soon… praise the God-Emperor for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I know… but there is a problem about that. It doesn’t make the latrine shovel more efficient. I have one with BM T4… and don’t use it cause the blessing is totally useless.
Also, why a difference with other weapons that use BM?

We’ve also been through this before. It’s not different, it’s per the damage cleave properties of the attack itself. Eg since you keep bringing up Caxe, its push attack also stops doing damage past the 3rd enemy hit. This is true with and without BM. Same goes for Achyls heavy attacks. Same goes for tactical axe heavies. Same goes for heavy sword heavies. Same goes for all power maul attacks.

So again, latrine shovel is not the exception to the rule here. BM grants infinite stagger cleave while active. Caxe light attacks just happen to be very blessed with a cleave damage profile that does not stop doing damage after 3 targets hit. If anything it is the exception to the rule not the others. Generally speaking only swords (and cleavers but they’re the same weapon type really) get to have damage cleave that keeps doing damage past 3 targets hit. Caxe and Taxe light attacks are a rare exception to this

Well, this doesn’t change the fact I think that the weapons that stagger and don’t do damages are bugged… it should inflict damages to all.
However, I agree it is too powerful like it is actually. But changing BM of CA for only stagger past the third would be a total bullsh1t.
Also, if they would nerf CA like that, PS would need an other nerf. And illisi would be also too powerful…

I mean there’s a bug thread about T Hammer not doing damage past the 3rd target tagged with “not a bug” with a dev response explaining the difference between stagger and damage cleave more. So you’re very welcome to disagree with the decision but it’s clearly not a bug and is an intentional way different attacks function.

any feedback from the design team on the rationale here would help so we can provide more accurate feedback. as it stands currently higher dmg on second and 3rd targets would help tremendously.

TH has not BM… And the equivalent on TH ( Shock and Awe) doesn’t work at all.

Also you have this report about BM on latrine shovel that is labelled acknowledged

Out of curiosity, when the Rashad C.Axe gets fixed, what’s the sense of how well it would perform vs MkV Antax C.Axe? I have a couple of good Rashad’s that I’ve been holding onto. But curious how fixing the hit box priority will affect performance. I’m assuming it will go up. Would it be better than MkV?

Different modifiers (Antax is Cleaving, Rashad is finesse), different special action if I remember well, animations are pretty similar.
I think that now, they should accentuate the differences tbh.

If I asked for it, it is cause a bugged weapon in a game is a bad thing. and sure I will use it. I have one 380 really good :smiley:

Yeah, I have a 375 with great stats, Decimator MkIV and Headtaker Mk 3 on it.

For your info, the different stats are not a typo:

the dead horse you’re beating is very much alive. The locks are still in the game and RNG is still significantly more plentiful than actually being rewarded for your time and effort put into the game. This is completely unacceptable, it’s not a design choice, its a problem, and until it gets fixed this game wont be worth playing.


Basically Rashad will just be a better Antax. Cleave is a useless stat with BM anyway, so Rashad will just be Antax with better attack speed, headshot and crit damage for all intents and purposes.

I think that they have, now, an occasion to create a real difference between these two weapons

Sure, not now, the week that they plan to correct the weapon. But, it would be a great surprise if they were doing it in the next patch

Also I think that only modifiers on the stats of a weapon are not 100%. So I think that Rashad will be a slower weapon with better cleave… but I could be wrong…

Rashad has as much cleave as an Antax with 50 cleave stat. Antax has as much attack speed as a Rashad with 50 finesse stat. So assuming you have more than 50 finesse Rashad is just gonna be faster. Rashad’s heavy chain also has less endlag between attacks so the heavy chain is even faster than Antax without even accounting for the finesse stat.

So yeah Rashad is gonna be new axe king no question.


Thank you for these comments

I feel glad to have pushed for the fixes

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Push attack is still much stronger on Antax, its the best cleave damage distribution of the combat axes. Rashad will probably be better for Veteran but Zealot and Psyker both have tons of access to stamina to actually use the push attacks in the game that are justifiable.

Also the frame data and easy headshots on the weapon special, the uppercut is kinda garbage by comparison and was really redeemed by being able to use it out of block.

Me I prefer the Achyls for the combos and that goofy H1 chop. Its not too amazing on its own but its the only axe attack that will 1HK dreg stalker on Damnation without any boosts, and its the start of a combo. For horde clearing with BMO and like headtaker you’ll be able to kill 2 horde and damage a third reliably with it, instead of 1 and damaging 3 weakly like the usual case.

I don’t understand why you’d push attack with Antax anyway when it’s mostly just a worse light attack that stops doing damage past the 3rd target. That is not a selling point for Antax nor is it an attack you should be doing unless you’re forced to. Not to mention it breaks decimator which is otherwise incredibly free bonus power.

Weapon special fair enough, but still not enough to justify using Antax over Rashad after this patch when it’s just more attack speed, much more so for the heavy chain, and better headshot and crit damage.

I do. I think there’s a lot of bad things in Darktide and maybe the locks are one. I hate them but maybe they’re tolerable, even fine. Personally i have more or less everthing i want for my zealot so maybe it IS fine.

I can always ignore crafting and just play the game. Oh wait. Its all low intensity. Never mind, i CAN’T PLAY THE GAME. Now THAT is a big problem.

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Because there’s only ever 3 targets hit in any combat axe attack with BM. It only has target indexes to target 3, push attacks have 3 and stagger 4. Push attacks also have a lot more damage to target 2 and 3, which was my point, you horde clear with that move better.

Also with blessings that improve power that cleave damage is even better?

This is a 3 weapon set up without any real winner, not like heavy sword where you could not sell anyone on the non IX variant one bit.

I absolutely don’t care about locks… but I do care about Brunt’s armoury.
Give me a mission to kill Brunt. This begin to be a joke this “shop”… this is just a den of thieves.
I just want to be able to craft more and more weapons… But Brunt doesn’t want me to even try to craft new weapons… he always give me bad weapons :confused:

But where we can agree is that there’s actually a problem about the “RNG” part.