Brutal Momentum blessing don't add Cleave Damage on Ogryn Shovel

Brutal Momentum Blessing don’t add Cleave Damage on Ogryn’s Brute-Brainer Mk III Shovel.

  1. Play as Ogryn (Skullbreaker).
  2. Use Brute-Brainer Mk III Shovel with Brutal Momentum Blessing.
  3. See that Blessing increases only Cleave Stagger, but not Cleave Damage unlike on other weapons (like Axe), where it gives both of them.
  4. Be upset about it.

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Blessing doesn’t give damage buff, you just can cleave more if explanation is correct. And it didn’t give some damage buff When I test this blessing with Combat axe (not 100% sure though)

Maybe you did use some Feats (Zealot damage buff feats) or other blessing when you test Axe.

I did not write that the blessing does not give Bonus Damage, I wrote that it does not give Cleave Damage i.e. Does not deal damage to additional enemies.

I tested the Axe on a Psyker. And the Fanatic doesn’t have Feats that give Cleave Damage, only extra Damage and Stagger.

Your melee weapon with Cleave properties can only hit a certain amount of Mass before being stopped. Each type of enemy have a certain Hit Mass value (i.e weapon with five Hit Mass can only hit five regular enemies with one Hit Mass).With this blessing, Ignore Enemy Hit Mass means your melee weapon will simply have infinite Cleave targets when the action is done. Test it in armor type and u will see (kill trash by weakspot kill and hit the mauler head in 2.5s after, ur light atk will no longer stuck)

On Axes, this is how it works, yes. But on Ogryn’s Shovel, you start hitting an unlimited number of enemies, but still only deal damage to three of them. This is the problem.

i see ur light atk stuck means no blessing apply when u using dat shovel. Did u using another melee weap b4 going in meatgrinder? Meatgrinder is bug atm, only work for the 1st gear after u go in this area (try go out, using shovel then go in meat grinder again, may it works?)
Edit: oh yea im seeing the 1st part of vid sorry. btw try above or go near more to horde?

Retested, same result.

Indeed, it’s a bummer bug. At least additional targets should have minimum damage.