Community change from V1 to V2 - Remove Arrows friendly fire animation in the keep

Why removing friendly fire bloody head shot animation in the keep?
…It would help rehabilitate Kerilian…maybe, just a little bit…who knows…?
As I noticed lot of topics bashing on Kerilian “the teenager” in the Forum.
As I noticed an impressive amount of Kerillian player just head shooting other players in the keep for no other reasons than filling their screen with blood.
Of course it would not change the nature of the person shooting his buddy during the countdown, but it may help to have a better perception of an elf freshly encountered.

but more seriously…
I m impressed to see how the players attitude changed from V1 to V2.
In a single day i ve seen more people arguing in V2 than during my full old time carrier in V1.
And obvious newbies arguin they know what they do, if not turning insulting, when one give an advise…
It feels like the audience average age dropped drastically…

Then it s an action game and not an educative one of course

glad to see you enjoying your time in v2 =)

i had to stop v1 because there was absolutely no players after some time, solo farming cata became quite lonely =(

i am glad there is so much hype and discussion in v2. i really hope it lasts and fatshark continues to make drastic changes to flip the tables and keep gameplay new and interesting, without losing the playerbase.

I stopped V1 due to mechanics limitations…
i guess V1 must be really empty at the moment, the red inn falls was a nice and glorious ending for us and highly honorable gift from Fatshark.

see you in V2 mookana

my god that mission was GLORIOUS. i mean on like the highest levels of feels. being able to smash up the red moon inn trying to defend it for the first time, is like one of the best gaming moments of my life. they even threw in a ratogre!!! like seriously, on my deathbed i will be thinking fondly on that.

everyone wondered where that cellar door led to, and fatshark pulled through on that big time.

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Is this post seriously asking for an animation to be brought back to increase the number of people playing that champ? Maybe devs would be better spent developing useful content on the game and bug fixing (Just like they currently are)

Much like you would probably be better playing the game instead of requesting devs to waste their time on time wasting crap like this…

EDIT: Why does this keep deleting? Lol

but it completly destroyed my Point in going out with only 4 chars instead of having everyone on missions…i always told ppl, that there must be one guy Standing behind to protect the Inn…but now the Inn finaly gets attacked and still only 4 of 5 are defending it, with lohner behind his bar…

why are the ubersreik 5 only gong out as 4, all time, can anyone explain it to me, my mind wont settle down since the Waylaid mission

just as clarification; talkin about this anecdotic arrows animation was just a way to introduce a deeper interrogation on the community change from V1 to V2, and put in relation threads already triggering this aspect (toxic player, ban list, vote kick, kerillian players etc…).

i dont have expectation, and i completely agree that there s more important to do than playin police behin players on details…

I personnaly consider the social aspect is something important in that game and one of the main reason i play it . people, team synergy, meeting…it s like doing a jam with other musician in a open to everyone way.

So it s a lounge topic (like : take a drink relax, not like : let s do the hard work), not a bug topic, a suggestion or wathever topic.

i think the use of the word crap maybe the problem in your post, the reason for bein deleted, as they seem to care about toxic behaviour…let s see…i just wrote crap…

It sucks that ff arrows only show blood, not actual arrows in your teams bodies. I’d love to make a porcupine slayer or a hellraiser zealot.

did you play v2 prologue tutorial mission? clearly, the witchhunter wasn’t caught like the rest of them, cos he was getting his promotion to captain =P so that explains why he wasn’t present for the final mission!

not bad eh?

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