Cliffhanger mission spam

Just wanted to let you know that many psyker, including me, are spamming logistratum (horde) as soon as it is available in the hopes of going in only with bots to complete the achievement. If people join before being able to train the horde onto a ledge then “leave mission”. I am aware this is not great but counting on team-mates to read the chat and help is just not happening (at least for me)… so this is the only option left.

I would highly recommend altering this achievement as this may not hurt your “backend” but surely hurts mine.


What is your plan for completing this achievement?

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Just lower the amount needed for the achievement, make it 5 enemies. Would be more reasonable and not need players to use “farming” maps to get the penance done.

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I tried to farm my cosmetic penances for a bit but i just ended up giving up, because i was becoming an actual griefer jumping between games


Same, gave up just because it felt like I was griefing. Ever since the new patch it seemed like hordes just wouldn’t appear at lower difficulties in the beginning so I was forced to attempt the penance at heresy+. I couldn’t find anybody willing to help me and I honestly cant blame them given how ridiculous the penance is.

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I don’t know why anyone is even bothering with these challenges with the possibility of progress being wiped.

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Nice, thanks.

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This is what I, and other Psykers have been trying to do. Except it’s impossible if, like me, your chat is broken and you can’t tell randoms to help. So I’m just jumping from game to game, and leaving when people don’t realize what I’m trying to do. No other choice to get it

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Yes, it is not great and I tried voice comms, etc. but not everyone speaks ENG and most want to get on with the missions and not be held up (which is understandable)

I’m honestly envious you can use voice comms in the first place. Communicating strictly via t-bagging and marking the bridge makes me feel like a chimpanzee lol

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You seem anxious about this penance, I don’t think thats intended or good. And “No other choice to get it” is simply untrue.

You could wait and find the opportunity organically. Perhaps there are better opportunities on maps that have not released yet. As your character power increases more opportunities may emerge.

I don’t understand the necessity to reduce the gameplay(fun) in such a manner. What will the prize be? A trophy of your desperation?

I genuinely mean no offense by these comments; only to try and make a different perspective. These things can be fun if you allow them.

EDIT: I would defo wait. At this point there is no guarantee progress will not be wiped. Also, feedback I see is that penance are not well designed, and so may be redesigned for launch.

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My brain was specifically designed to hold me hostage until I’ve done that one satisfying thing I’ve set my mind to do. I’m having fun doing it don’t get me wrong, but it’d be infinitely more stressful for me NOT to do it if that makes sense. I don’t expect you to understand, to each their own as they say, but since my situation is mostly caused by the nasty combination of a chat bug and not having a readily available group of friends, I don’t feel like simply giving up on a relatively simple penance.

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See, what frustrates me personally is that this penance is tied to the meta one for the cosmetic helmet, and every other class gets theirs from simply playing the game with no coordination required, just a bit of luck and rng.
It’s clearly one you’re meant to get while levelling to 30, not when you’re running heresy and damnation level missions with your friends in “endgame”.
And that’s the issue. Because of how weak of a push Psykinetic’s Wrath is and how Force Sword push was nerfed, you have to actually coordinate and ask your team for help with this penance.
No other class has to do this. Sharpshooters get their penances done right away by simply doing missions, Zealots requires some rng luck to nail that sniper or charge the mutie correctly, Ogryns have to do certain types of missions and get lucky with Monstrosity spawns.
Meanwhile Psykers have to ask their team for help and even then it might just not work out because of how weak the push is.
This penance needs adjustments or a complete overhaul because while it is perfectly possible and many people me included got it done, it’s also incredibly frustrating.


As guys alrdy mentioned, the difference between other classes and psyker’s penance is just too big. You hardly can do it on lower difficulties, becuase even if you manage to go alone with bots, they will kill half of horde wave before you can position mobs. And you have to position mobs becuase our push distance is so low that it limits the places where the penance is doable at all.

So, if we could get a simple difference in making penance, meaning “kill 20 mobs by pushing” (not in 1 activation) we would be brought down to other penances level of difficulty. Even if they increased the number to 50 or 100 mobs, sooner or later you can achieve simply by playing, looking around if there is a ledge, etc.

At current state, you have to either have dedicated premade group, or very helpful randoms willing to either help or wait or at least don’t interrupt. Which, as stated above, puts us psykers in a position where we eihter grief or have to chew up on the frustration.

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It’s a trend with some of the penances in general but especially psyker, that they are gimmicks/niche things that need to be ‘set up’. I’ve got most of the veterans just by playing veteran (and the no melee with a bug-induced reconnect at the end of a bossfight); getting 4 or 5 headshots while using the ability isn’t easy, but it fundamentally reinforces and rewards good class gameplay: using your ability to kill enemies quickly. Same with, say, the Ogryn counter-charging a plague ogryn, figuratively and literally stopping a charge attack in it’s tracks.

Pysker’s “Keep buff going for 5 minutes” isn’t easy, but it at least reinforces being able to keep a class mechanic going. The others are… kill yourself, shove off some enemies in very specific spots in certain maps and… solo on a boss on the two hardest difficulties with no damage from any other source, so hope barrels of scab bombers don’t do anything. That’s assuming you have teammates actively helping you.

You can do this one by the end of the Smelter mission - it’s actually easier there as enemies will be coming in numbers - all you need is to position yourself properly. Pretty doable even in randoms.

But I totally agree that Psyker penances are just terrible in general.

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This is silly, am not even lucky enough to start Logistratum alone, always being dropped into the run in progress, for the love of Emperor and every Heresy out there, can some Fat Shark do anything about this silly achievement and please for the love of god, do not create achievements that make people actively play against their team - like the silly ‘don’t get hit by a melee’ for Veteran, it’s very awkward to watch Veteran run around instead of doing their job. I’d dare to say it creates much more toxic environment then a scoreboard at the end. :sob:

Just wait for them to implement private bot only games. No reason to tear your hair out in the BETA. It will be trivial by that point, no need for them to adjust it. Fairly low priority too considering all the performance issues and rampant imbalance.

No need for them to make achievements that require private games since doing them would be pain to your random party (and to you) for when your teammates decide to be asses, as mentioned earlier far more toxic from community perspective designs then any scoreboard.