Class pick on match launch - it needs to be a thing

Team balance should be something players can do upon creating or joining a game. Let us see the classes everyone is using and be able to pick a class that rounds out the team. Rather annoying to be in a game with 3 ogryn as a shooter, just staring at a wall of impenetrable flesh standing in front of you. Or to be a similarly outfitted vet or preacher with no ranged weapons but flamethrowers. I’m not complaining about people, but the game mechanics. Games have been doing this for decades now, no reason it should be so hard to fix here.

I agree with you 100% here.

But then they have to rejigger the code so that it doesn’t force you to walk through the hub from the spawn point whenever you change characters! That’s against design intent!

But on a slightly more serious note, yeah, being able to change class would be immensely helpful. It only took them 3 years to allow career/hero changing while a map was queued up in V2.