Option to prevent same-class groups in matchmaking

Title. Allow the option to toggle whether you are matched with different classes, and let people switch between operatives prior to fully joining a mission if a position is filled.

I’ve played in some team comps where a team’s imbalance was certainly felt - ogryns and preachers in one team, all with close-range weapons and struggling to contest gunners and a sniper across the map, or vets and psykers in another with no frontliners to help make space in a horde. Of course some of these games I’ve finished - others definitely failed - they’re not completely impossible to do but it’s certainly not fun struggling through a mission with a team you don’t exactly get to pick.

Yes, I know premades are obviously a thing and the most obvious solution to this, but I still think it’s worth giving matchmade teams a chance at balanced team comps. This was already mitigated in Vermintide 2 because of the specific character selection, and you had a decent chance of getting into mixed groups of frontliners and backliners.

This is actually something that another favorite game of mine does (Deep Rock) that makes it an optional setting for the host, granted they had a server browser that made it easy to utilize - something this game might benefit from as well, but I suppose that’s another topic. The obvious drawbacks to this would be longer queue times, but as I mentioned - just make it togglable so that only the people who care about this are willing to sit through those longer queues.

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Forcing balance in this way is a bit misguided.

Ie. A team of psyker, zealot, veteran and ogryn of all using shotguns will still be unbalanced despite such a limit. In that case why not go a step further?

Enforce certain weapon loadouts?

People like to reference DRG but they forget that its a completely different game where terrain navigation is part of the gameplay.

In darktide you need something to take care of long range threats, something to deal with hordes, something to deal with elites and something to deal with specials.

Even if you take duplicate classes you can still achieve the above conditions (if they pick the right weapons) and achieve “balance”.

I’m not so sure it’s as misguided as you’re making it out to be; sure weapons are one thing, class abilities are another. Just having an Ogryn that can bull rush to make space, and a Psyker to brain burst things from afar can be invaluable enough for team composition. That’s also like, the one weapon comp that might be the most egregious, and that’s assuming after having leveled enough to unlock bolters and flamers and whatnot - ‘yeah lemme just stick with this shotgun’. You don’t have to assume the worst, even if it’s possible most people are playing with weapons that complement their class lol.

Also, my mentioning of DRG has nothing to do with ‘terrain navigation’ as you pointed out for whatever reason. Technically, you still have to deal with long range threats, hordes, and elite mobs in DRG - and each class comes with their own specific weapons and tools that, when accounted for, makes for an overall smoother mission experience. Kinda proved my point.

To close, why not implement the option?