Please add a "Prefer Balanced Team" option when queueing for missions

This issue happens with at least 50% of my games: I start a game with my zealot, two other zealots are in team. I switch to psyker in the next mission and there are two extra psykers. I have gone for five missions without seeing an ogryn and the moment I switch to my ogryn, you guessed it, at least two more ogryns queue up with me.

I would love to have an option for a balanced team, one of each class, I find these games to be more fun and immersive, because not only you get a variety of weapons and builds which make the game more interesting, but also you don’t get overlapping voice actors which makes the banter/dialogue very weird and off-putting.

I’m at 900 hours total playtime, I started leaving a lobby that has more than one duplicate class. I waste too much time jumping through loading screens, just to find an interesting game, so waiting an extra 5 minutes to find a “balanced squad” from the get go is acceptable and much more preferable.

Also there are often times where I have to alt+F4 because the game throws me in a mission in progress, if I see triple classes in the valkyrie loading screen, I leave immediately, which keeps the slot occupied until I restart the game, so the players in mission kind of get screwed for playing with a bot for a couple of minutes, which could mean win or lose in maelstorm missions.

I guess another workaround would be to add a “switch operative” option in lobbies, I don’t know if technically it’s possible, but even a switch that happens in between loading screens would be a great workaround. This doesn’t solve the problem for missions in progress though, so it should be possible to see in advance which classes are taken before the game starts loading a mission, like it is in Vermintide 2 for example.

Anyway, please consider this, I think it’s a fair option to have, people who don’t like it can skip it, and the rest can wait the extra time for a balanced team.

Thank you

EDIT: forgot to add, I know Discord squads exist, but my social anxiety does not find that method acceptable, like at all.


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