Role Queue or in Lobby Class changing

I can’t be alone on this one. First of all, I love your games. A couple thousand hours into VT2 and a couple hundred hours of game time in Darktide now. Maybe the new gamers out there are ok with starting up a quickplay match and having 4 preachers, but to someone that actually wants to win my damnation game, having a role queue in the launch option for quickplay in higher difficulty would be beneficial. Or just having the option to switch character in the actual quickplay lobby itself. This is probably for another thread, but I can’t believe bot priority was not implemented either. With as often as I am launching into games completely alone (heresy/damnation), how can there not be a balanced team of bots by my side? At least then they may survive longer than 40 seconds. Why isn’t there an Ogryn bot?

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I think bots are always veterans because they haven’t developed AIs to leverage the various classes abilities; it’s easier to just have bots be shootybois/lasses.

I 100% agree about role based queueing, or some other way to form groups other than shouting LFGs in mourningstar chat. I enjoy that balanced teams are rewarded by coherency bonuses as it helps round out class balance, but in practice it’s a bit sad to just random roll into teams with tons of duplicates.

Bump. Need to be able to switch class in mission lobby.

That and seeing team mate weapons. This will help to balance team.