Charakters careers and team dynamics

I recently thought about the career system in vermintide 2, the game got launched with 15 of em split to 5 heroes, and gave plenty of variety for the players to explore.
i never thought the system to be inherintly flawed and thought that Fatshark had their reasons to not
expand the roster of the ubersreik 5.
but with the new IP darktide they gonna introduce a new rooster of heroes (obviously), and i think they should give us more than 5.

5 heroes with 3 careers each makes 15careers with uniqe talents but that system had many downsides.
for example: if kruber is taken all of his careers are aswell. we never got to expirence how the dynamic of the team is, with all four markus careers for example.
im not suggesting that we get dubicate caracters im no fan of that either, but i would love to see less careers for one hero and just more heroes in generall.

imagine 7 heroes with 2 careers each, makes 14 thats just one short of the Vermintide2 realease and it allows to mix around with these careers more, also you would have less situations where your career/character is taken already
in addition it would increase the possible diversity of the cast.

the vermintide 2 career system was just about acceptable because the careers were somewhat close enough but some felt out of place/character.
the “what if” approach is a supoptimal solution because the characters had a backstory already, and it often made the careers somewhat unbelivable and limited in how they are portrayed. thats obviously not the case for all careers.
the bounty hunter is a great example saltspire a devoted zealous person would hardly ditch his occupation to become a hire for coin, i think a 6 character could have portrayed a ruthless smuggler type charakter better.

i belive that 7 heores is a good in between and wouldn’t mind that some equipment would have more overlaps between heroes

what do you guys think? are heroes 7 too expensive? or overbering?


I’d love more characters over more careers but careers are way cheaper. I talk about this in my post-launch dlc thread. We’ll see how it goes. The feedback for new characters and not careers has been there for a while now so now we just wait to see if the developers have anything to say about it or at least respond.

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while i do get that its way more pricey to develop entire characters, i don’t belive that additional 2 playable characters would be an undertaking that is impossible to realise. afterall vermintide 2 sold 2million copies in its first year, those numbers might not beat big boys like red dead redemtion 2 or cyberpunk, but surely enough would justifiy 2 more main caracters. (an skiitari for example wouldnt need many understandable lines and could have just a few in english cough* i mean high gothic… please dont shoot me…)

but you’re right since fatshark is notoriously silent about such matters its but a hope they will read and furthermore incorporate in features and ideas like theese

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Customization alone and Open Skill Tree with General Skills and added to Weapons or such, would solve everything. You only need 4 Characters and you can specialise with each Character, which i s fitting to the Persona.

For example:
Hyrophant / Sister of Battle/ Sister of Silence/ Psyker
Ogryn Gun Lugger/ Boneèad/ Charonite/ Bullgryn
Guardsmen/ Kasrkin/ Tempestus Scion
Guardsmen(female?) Seargent/ Sniper/ Commissar
yeah something like that

For the two Guardsmen, you just lock some weapons, or not, since it will be highly customizable anyways. Just switch Armor adn Weapons and you have Classes. No need for predefined ones more or less.
If you would give some Traits we had in Skills to some Weapons, they might be even better and or get picked more often who knows.

After you can always add other Unique Characters like Skitarii/ Protector, Assasin Classes as DLC. Keeps the game alive. And with Prices we had so far which are super nice in my opinion they can make some Money afterwards aswell. I mean 4-10 Bucks for a DLC Character which is totally Unique is a really Good Price.

well no:

catchphrases like these get used alot in the gaming idustry, and at the same time their value is near zero, the only thing we can take from such a statement is that there will be custumisation at all

thats the point, its way easier to start with a higher amount of characters than it is to add one later.
if you have 4 characters who know each other and suddenly you add an entirely new character with voiceover etc. you then also have to bring back all the other voiceactors and rewrite dialogue where the new character would (depending on his personallity) add something to the conversation.

but if you start with a higher number of characters its then easier to add ne careers because the career dialogue would only change minor conversations and a few added lines.

One thing 5x3 has over “full customisation” is that the meta becomes more interesting. With 5x3 you get all kinds of different and interesting groups when you look at balance from a 4 player perspective. I’m also kind of against full customisation since it’s more often than not the illusion of choice, as can be seen in games such as path of exile for example.

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Well yeah, good answers ^^
Skilltree is your opinion however…

I see what you mean with catchphrases, yeah true! However from what weve seen so far, its highly customizable compared to V2. Weapons have Rails now, you can add Parts it seems, or change out f.ex. Barrels.

I agree on Character adding later. Cant say none against it. Since the Devs said they dont show off everything in the Gameplay of course and wanna have some surprises, its a 100% we see a “surprise” Character later as the 5th Guy in the Group as a starting Character i mean form the beginning. It practically has to be a Mechanicum Guy in what Form or shape we dont know. Since its about the “normal Humans” and not Astartes.
Ogryn in the Grey Zone of course, as a normal human.
What else would make sense. Maybe Squats but since GW… sadly… (damn we could have had Bardin as a Squat in Darktide. Would have been Epic. Same Voiceactor and more or less the same Lookin, in Terms of Face and stature.
Or a Arbites Guy. But since we have 2 Guards, you could change out the Armor and Weapons and have a Arbites without a 5th Character. Just from one of the 2 already confirmed. I dont see it being a 5th Party member from the get go, its seems a “wasted” Character slot.

I bank my money on Mechanicum, makes the most sense and would give some good flavour into the group in Terms of Conversations.

im not quite certain what you mean, i dont think i ever mentioned my view on skilltrees,
based on how i wrote it, it would be assumeable that i think darktide gonna have a similar system to what vermintide 2 had, in that you have acess to skills and weapons based on character chosen.
and yeah based on what we seen i would persist on that view, 4 uniqe characters with uniqe weapons (probably skills too) doubt that Inq. trooper guy will have access to ogryn stuff etc.
and having acess to all kruber careers at once would be different to what we can do in V2 so i dont see how thats an opinion either,
maybe im dumb here or we just assumed different standards and boundaries and defined matters of desscussion differently…

shenanigans aside
we’ve seen more than the 4 classes but its hard to distinguish what might be just a career to a seen hero or a totally new guy. while the flamer guy might be just a sub class to the astra priest i kinda doubt that the hooded figure, psyker or not, will be a career to either one of the guards(wo)men, his shillouette strays too far from the mentioned characters so i belive we already seen 5 possibly even 6 heroes.
and yeah i agree a mechanicum guy would be most intresting, not only in lore but also possible applications in some sort of gameplay (interacting with tech)

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