Characters - Proposing a change from VT2 pace

So I wasn’t fan of careers in VT2, I just like a character having a solid story. I would have loved to see keep populated with people and “unused” characters being idle in the keep. So to avoid that 5 classes 4 players problem, we could have some base of operations from where we go deep into the Hive. Now we know that we work with inquisition and there are lot of different types of warriors who would fight with inquisitor. this gives opportunity for many different approaches. there could be some starting characters from start that keeps increasing as you play more and “discover” other choices. there could be system like in Hunt: showdown where you keep and level a fighter until he dies and hire new one. Those two are ones I thought on top of my head, but thing is I don’t want a career system. I want band of warriors with different backstory and plenty of choices.

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I would argue that more characters would have less of a solid story to them and ultimately become more generic. The example you use, Hunt:Showdown, is basically a few ‘hero’ characters and a vast majority of faceless bland characters. With VT2 the characters at the very least had distinct personalities and their various careers represented directions in which those characters stories could go.

I would like career choice to affect the character’s personality though I imagine that would require a lot more voicework.

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that would be almost same as making a new character. I don’t mean plethora of different guys hanging out in the barracks. I mean like start with 4 and get up to 6-7? at first and like after a while at most up to 20? or something like that.

What you want is actually Blightbound.

I wouldn’t say; many games have similar mechanic, not many co-op games through.

Well it’s a coop game, with a camp (a base of operations), where you see heroes you recruit/discover. There’s just not the roguelike part where you hero die.

yeah, and I meant that it is not only game with such things XD