Hopes for 6 playable characters instead of 5

I’m hoping for 6 characters in the lineup instead of 5 because an issue that comes up often in vermintide is having your main character taken, and your secondary character taken when joining a lobby.

With 6 characters, you should have good odds of being able to play your main or your secondary character.

Another reason is more variety in character design/flavor as some people on this forum wish for customizable characters in vermintide likely because they don’t like any of the vermintide characters.

Just as a sanity check: odds of you being able to choose either your main or your secondary character is only about 14% higher when choosing out of 6 instead of out of 5 when you are the 4th to join. Frankly I don’t see that it’s worth the development effort by itself. Especially seeing how VT2 encourages players to master all the characters.


Pretty easy, either host yourself or as OrsonMaxwell said, play other characters.

I only don´t really like to play Sienna, mostly I play as Kruber/Bardin, then Saltz, then Elf. I almost never have to change the character when I join a game.
New career release is of course the exception to that rule, but for those times I host or play with friends.

Valid point - just host your games and therefore don’t be the last one to join.
If FS learned anything from VT2, maybe the playerbase of DT will be larger and you won’t have to play solo with bots each time a new career comes out. Given there will be career releases at all.
Of course the simple way is to not have any differece between the characters at all, but that kind of game would take way more balls to sell now.

Something i notice whenever a new career releases: The “Suggest other Character” feature is not really known.

If you really want to play one character go to “Options → Network” and deselect “Suggest other Characters.”
I’ve had this off since I started doing 100 games for specific careers and it works. If it doesn’t find a suitable game you automatically host one.

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