This ISSUE is a Time-Bomb! (VT2 Veterans, Attention PLS!)

Friends, I will try to keep it short and simple. This is serious

I LOVE the Tide series (1200+ hours + made This thing irl),
I played Darktide for 230 hours, 4 careers at level 30, completed all the missions on damnation; And despite the many problems of the game (bugs, crashes, an imbalance in weapons types) - I like it … and i will like it even more over time, when it’s problems will be solved.
But as a player of “endgame”, I now look in the future and already notice a redflag with future content. It terrifies me!

Short for the lazy:
When the game will have 12 subclasses and you can only play as 5 of them or delete your 100+ char.slots - Do you like that? Or when you’ll have to relog 12 times an hour to check shops, progress overall 12 times to 30lvl (35hours each) and grind craft resources 12 times more on each of 3 zealots-sub, 3 veterans-sub? - Do you like that? No? Read the Solution.

How can you remember (who played VT2) each Character had a level progress and items/inventory tied to it. What does it mean if you are a level 30 Marcus Kruber with red items, then you can choose a different career (4 with dlc’s) at any time, depends on your mood, and enjoy the game with same inventory/exp progress, but different playstyle/skills. And it works great. You want to return.
Here, after long hours of playing and getting that many game mechanics and interactions are made with an emphasis on Maximizing the Grind (not a secret) without thinking about how it can hit the pleasure of replayability…
→ we see a dangerous hint that future careers for the archetypes of characters will be placed on the Start screen of creating a new save slot. Have you noticed that we Create an Char/Operative (veteran,zealot etc.) with binded career? Remember, that in addition to this we also have a limited number of slots for characters - currently 5.
a) If Each Career has a separate slot, experience, currency and items that will not be shared with other careers of this char - This is already a terrible downgrade from what was achieved in VT2. We are forced to farm same things and experience again… and again… and cannot use, say, a 380waffle weapon that we spent weeks waiting in the store on another career of the same char!
this is nonsense
b) And at the same time we are also limited in creating up to 5 such careers out of a possible 12 over the next 2 years … or delete a saveslot Who have you spent many hours on to create a new one out of 7 others)
This is super nonsense, but it’s more like a rotten cherry on a sour cake)

Visual explanation 1
Visual explanation 2

We have already been shoved into the RNG store, RNG craft and other systems that are not about pleasure, but about grind… BUT if what I described in this topic will work exactly like that, then the playin’ communic… communicae will shrink over time, not grow

Dear developers, please allow us to switch subclass on the fly - just like in VT2. With shared inventory and exp. You can tied the save slot to the archtype.
Please, do an Analysis! You have a good core mechanic in Your - own - previous - game. This will increase the replayability and interest to the game in longterm.

Mark my words, if we don’t start asking it now - we’ll have the forums drowning in screams and tears on release of a new career
If we unite and express a mass opinion about what we don’t like and how it is easiest to resolve, there is a high probability that something will change. But if you just whine on the forums one by one, criticize the game and do not offer solutions, then no one will listen to us.
“I was there. I was there 3,000 years ago, Gandalf.” When Vermintide 2 was released, and we all (the community) did a great job with feedback on many features, including many dlc’s after.

Please support!
Let the voices be heard!


I think a better solution would be to ditch the separator class thing all together. Instead of releasing an entire class, just give us more options with the current archetypes. Just give us more Abilities, Blitzes, and Auras and let us choose between them. Give us more Iconics and let us choose 2 from them. Give us more feats per level and let us have more choice.


Thi would be much harder to balance, than separate classes.

Or just deal with it by creating a shared inventory and resource bank. Leveling up a character is pretty quick - and most of your damage dealing it tied to the weapon rating. If gear is shared account-wide, so should the weapon rating.

If they have shared resources/items, I’d prefer if they just ditched any pretense of having classes and sub classes and just make fun, interesting new classes from scratch.

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When you will have 5 or 10 (if they only add saveslots) different char’s: 3 different veterans, 3 different psykers and etc. and you will be forced to check the rng shops by each one of them separately, grind weekly’s separately, grind craft resources separately - you will see what i’m talking about.

It’s already done Excelent in Vermintide 2. And it’s badly redesign here only for one goal - Grind.


Ya, That’s one of the easiest way to solve that.
But the best formula with shared inv. and changing careers (it’s just skillsets) on the fly was right in Vermintide 2 from the same Devteam, so im firmly convinced that it’s better just to turn it on in the same way.

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I’d really like a response from Fatshark on this, but lets be realistic they wont respond because they either:

a.) havent thought that far a head and dont want to release a statement that will contradict what they do in the future, like half the statements they make.


b.) they are going to do exactly what you feared and each new class will be a seperate slot, so we have 4 more classes to level up, find gear and weapons for, and more weeklies.

Either way radio silence makes me think its most likely option b.


I hope job change will be same as in Vermintide 2 and 5th save slot is out there for new archetype like Ratling sniper for example (and let it shoot under the Ogryn).

I don’t mind paying for cosmetics or said Ratling even, but if you try to nickle and dime us on stuff like extra character slots and each new class, I don’t think that will go down well in the community, and that would make me stop spending money all together.

Don’t test good will of your player base.


Rayniel your original suggestion has no impact on class balancing. I was replying to this guy:

And this guy is not suggesting to have the choice to swap between all the subclasses of an archetype on the same character, but suggests to do away with the subclasses alltogether and to be able to pick and mix all the stuff that would come with different subclasses, which would be much harder to balance.

The argument you make here is obvious and i agree with you but the real problem would not be the separated characters (although i agree that it would be better to have a system similar to vermintide, where all subclasses of one archetype are basically separate skilltrees on the same character).
The real problem is the abysmal itemization in darktide and the fact that nothing except penances and cosmetics is shared across characters.

There is no grind in darktide. There is only waiting for items to show up in the store.
Through rng that is not impacted by gameplay, skill, difficulty of play, or anything else that the player can do, or has any agency over.

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We don’t know how this will work yet. Right now we have one slot for each class plus one extra. It’s possible they want to keep it like that.

We gotta start talking about it now. When the game will have 12 subclasses and you can only play as 5 of them or delete your 100+ char.slots - This is nuts.

We gotta start talking about it now. The Best one is just to allow us to swap classes like in VT2 and share the inv between archtypes.

Sell you a character slot in the FOMO Gacha shop?

If it takes roughly 30 hours to level up a class, leveling all 24 planned classes would take 720 hours, let alone the gear, material and currency grinds.

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We dont know? Yeah they also dont know or dont want to say it now…
…& for now it’s clear that it will look like the first post mentioned & if you dont have any clarification from devs[there were for sure many topics alike & they were not answered by devs in manner that they should be.

The grind is horrible in this game & it is a lot worse than in V2 at its start…it’s also like reversed IMO as leveling character in V2 was more important than best end Eq & here the Eq is IMO more important & for “nevish” players of V2 the chests now have a lot higher chance to drop the good stuff there now than in the past & you still cry. But the difference is when it was dropped there you could tweak it to your liking & all mechanics & everything was clear & easy to do where here you get rng upon rng… & you dont even know if the perks work or what they do.

Most important mechanics & things were scraped or delayed for god emperor knows how long & even if they will be added they do it like the reroll system that they added for minor traits for weapons it’s garbage & a way to exploit players to play more… like I am now w8 for a real time weapons shop or maybe unlocking reroll 'padlocks" for real money or Aquila xD that would fit to what their doing as for now…
Half the year & we will be sure… if the game will live for that long.
Bad revives will also most likely stay forever.

You guys are letting your imaginations get the best of you, you should take a chill pill, and either relax and wait, or refund the game, and move on with you’re lives.

Most of us cant refund.
All we can do is try to make the most out of our money. It doesnt take alot of effort to make a forum post and if 1 post would increase the amount of time i will spend on the game even if just by 1 hour then it will be worth it.


VT2 ever had enough players to be a GaaS?

cannot imagine FS want to release V/DT3 only and thats it.
I didnt play it, but all i know about it is also not for me, sorry to say.

community until seems to be splitted and most of what i read is make everything like we want, but that is also only 5000 players.

they need to do something new and better

Considering that Darktide is dropping down to VT2 numbers of players, i guess the question might be if Darktide has enough players to be a GaaS.

VT2 had a 7008 player peak in the last 24 hours.

Darktide had a 8418 player peak in the same time span, and ironically there is currently more people playing VT2 than Darktide at this time of day.

it has not but VT2 hasn’t either.
So making VT3 in the guise of WH40k wont work either.

edit: RNG Systems need to be reworked and Game needs content in many forms and beeing more unique to work as a GaaS.