Chaos Wastes QoL ideas

-The search distance in the lobby browser should start with near distance. It’s not reasonable to search a party worldwide right at the start. It could work if the lobbies are separated from each other in the results with a clear visual indicator but that would be a different system.
-The game should store the difficulty the player searched last time. Now I need to set it again and again when opening the lobby browser or just clicking between game options (quick play, custom etc.). The same is true for the campaign. It should remember the last searched distance as well. These parameters would be erased only when the player exits the game.
-There should be a filter to show only those lobbies where my current hero is not taken.

These changes would shorten the time required to find a suitable lobby. They’re just filters, no complicated stuff.


Two Quality of Life things I would have liked to be in the Chaos Wastes from the start:

-Drop-In bonus of somewhere between 25-100 Pilgrim’s Coins per level done in that Pilgramage that a new player comes into. At least enough to get them 300+ for the end of the Citadel Level, so they can upgrade their weapon to Red.

  • A small Comparison pop-up when you are at a Random Weapon Shrine. I’m not sure exactly how they are generated, with it being decided at the time of holding in the button or when the level starts. If possible a quick ‘This is the weapon and stats you are going to get if you pick this’ would hugely help in deciding to switch. As of now, I mostly just save up for a straight Red Temper.
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