Chaos Wastes for Darktide?

Titel says it all. Are there any plans for a Chaos Wastes like mode for Darktide? I really loved it in Vermintide 2.


Don’t quote me on this but IIRC the maps were supposed to be semi procedural like Chaos Wastes.
Who knows maybe they’ll do that when they’ll send us outside the Hive


VT2 (and 1? can’t recall) had branching paths in some levels. Was one of my favorite things. At the very least, I hope more of that comes to DT.

But procedural levels/campaigns in a hive city is what Darktide is meant to be! Hopefully sooner rather than later!

I too miss the slightly changing paths of VT1 and 2. DT seems to be the perfect platform for procedurally generated chunk based maps a la Warframe and I hope we do get something along those lines one day.

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Wouldn’t it be called the Ash wastes? If it is outside of a hive city?

Chaos Waste in Darktide will probably be set in the second Hive.

The Ash Waste would probably come as a normal mission sector

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