Chaos Wastes Feedback and Poll

“Host migration” has been a joke on us since forever.

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I had rather low expectations due to the white item concept, but actually the only big issue with the Chaost waste idea and its implementation is that the final levels don’t seem that interesting compared to the journey. Really great job. Including crashes.

Of course, since this is a deed-like concept, host crashing/quitting is very, very bad, there are a lot of players who don’t get the concepts and overreach themselves and then leave - replacements midgame are unlikely, at least IME, and why should they come, since they will be without any benefits? Oh, yes, I love how crashes mean you can lose coins…

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This is a close enough mode compared to weaves not to split the playerbase - if only you didn’t have to choose the mode before matchmaking. Personally, I would like to randomly join anything - except weaves.

This being a free DLC and not requiring any grind, the player count has actually doubled what it was on average since Chaos Wastes release. Surely a portion of those players are going to stick around and populate both Campaign and CW

You won’t be able to convince me that just maps or whatever would have had this outcome

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I just encountered today that the reset of Maps, Spawns, Modifiers, and so on is based on a seven day cycle. Thats far too long. A shorter one, every two, or three days would keep the experience fresh a lot longer. The way it right now makes it feel like a grind.

It’s only been out for a few days and I’ve only had time to complete 3 expeditions but I am exceedingly impressed by it so far. It’s the sort of huge shakeup to the structure of the game that feels very revitalising after 3 years.

Looking at my post Weaves; a good idea at the wrong time from 2 months ago, it really feels to me that FS took most of the the design goals they perhaps wanted Weaves to do and approached it from a very different direction. I’m glad it seems.

Currently I’m pretty happy with how it works but it will be interesting how I feel when the shine of how new it is has perhaps rubbed off a bit.

As with many others perhaps the one thing I might consider tweaking is just how random the Exchange Altar is.

It does rather suit the theme of the Chaos Wastes but perhaps it being a choice of two/three weapons might make it feel less of a gotcha regarding specific builds.

In honesty I mostly view it as a calculated gamble and will often ignore them… and I think this is ok?

Also heretical opinion: As much as I would love to see some Chaos Daemons in Vermintide… actually I think it was wise not to introduce a new enemy type at the same time as a massively different game mode, given how WoM was initially received.

After getting a few more completions under my belt and a rough understanding of how and when to spend coins (and also a better gist of what’s available for certain careers), I’m just done with the exchange altars entirely unless they’re red. Earlier I mentioned that a trait altar would be better than an exchange and I stand by that position more than I did before, especially now that I’ve seen some of the new traits. Regrowth is back bois.

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Yeah, the playerbase has doubled because of fresh and free content. Thats nothing new in the videogame department. What matters is if these players actually stick to the game now or will just leave again when they experienced everything CW has to offer, which isnt much actually. It may be fun to unlock everything up to the Citadel, but you have most likely also experienced everything up to that point. Even during the unlocking phase you will experience repetition already and i doubt that many will stay for further expeditions after they finished Citadel.

I will be cautiously optimistic and give this update a full month until the playerbase is on 5k per day again. And what then? I doubt that much of the core playerbase is going for CW either. Imagine the playerbase has already experienced the content for one month and many of them experienced it with random teammates. Imagine how often these people will experience a wipe at like the end of the game? I have seen people already complaining about how the expos take too long and that a loss at the end is heavily discouraging and i can understand that. Playing for at least an hour on + legend difficulty where some “maps” can drain quite some of the players energy and then losing at the end is not compareable to a 15 minute adrenalin rush that can easily be repeated when losing there.

I dont have much hope for this mode when the novelty stops and the grim reality of min/maxing starts to come into play. In fact, i can easily see how people could get extremely elitist in this mode just for the highest chance of finishing an expedition with random people.

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My main issue, outside the already mentioned useless exchange altars, is that there’s just nowhere near enough boons, particularly ones that change how you play significantly. There are a couple, but it’s only been a day or so and I’m already mostly just seeing the same few on repeat each run, with the vast majority just being talents, pretty worthless, or buffs that reward normal play.

I think it would help the mode a lot if there were more boons that gave you huge rewards for playing pretty radically differently. Maybe tying the majority of your damage to shoving and push attacks, or heavily encouraging you to exclusively use ranged stuff on careers that wouldn’t usually, or making engi not play as hog cranker sim 2021.

Also, we really should just start with our normal gear and boons get stacked on top of it. It’s not fun spending half the run hoping you can get back to where you’d normally be in an adventure mode map, or getting properties/traits that are straight up useless on your weapons, like off balance on a weapon with 4 stam, or a plus power property that doesn’t give you any breakpoints.


Good thread, agree with most of what have been said here.

Maps are ok, but I would preferer “normal” maps any day of the week.

What bothers me the most about all this is how they now add skins that we have been asking for ages, and take ridiculous prices. 10€ for a skin, that’s a bad ***** joke :smiley:

4 skins and 4 hats cost more than the base game, that’s just cash drain if there ever was one.

Those skins should be buyable with coins so we have something to grind for.

As it is now you just pay and get it straight away. Aside from the incredible prices its also no fun, I want to earn those skins.

The lack of me being able to get those skins without paying sick amounts of money just shows how greedy this company is. Feels very cash grabby.

Sure they added this update for free. But this is not from the kindness of their hart for the player base, its to get some new people in and some old who left back and to get em to buy those skins. Like a drug dealer, gives some free first and then charge you massive for what many player have been asking for since release.

Just release a new race, Orcs for example, or undead. Take 20-25€ (or more if needed) for those expansions, then map packs and weapons for a bit less, and add skins (char and weapons), hats and art that we can grind towards all the time during the time between releases. Im 100% this is what most player would want, but fatshark does try everything except more of what made this game a great success.

Who makes the big decision in this company, so many bad ones time after time, its like a bad meme :slight_smile:

Rant over…

I mean Fatshark explained previously that they were going to fund free content with paid cosmetics. If you have a better system wherein they can still make a living by all means, but it looks like you just want an unreasonable amount for free, frankly.


Complaint about weapons is the weirdest to me. In my opinion, it’s one of the best elements of this gamemode. Nobody forces you to start with random weapons in your hands, you are completely free to keep upgrading what you are comfortable to play with, that entire grumble about comfort zone is kinda ridiculous.

However, Chaos Wastes actually encourage you to switch your playstyle from altar to altar - that’s why upgrading weapons is way more expensive than getting a new one. Sometimes it ruins the game for you (yesterday on a well-going Cata run as a handmaiden I risked to swap my white spear&shield with a random orange item and recieved…1h sword, considering I did not have any block reduction/stamina boons and perks at all, I don’t have to tell how it ended in a 5 min). In the other run I managed to adapt to “the worst Saltz weapon” aka 1h axe with BH and made it out some stressful fights alive.

I know that weapon traits matter, especially on Cata but it’s the whole point of CW for me - sometimes you might play with the weapons you’ll never go with during your maingame. For me it’s cool and refreshing.

Tbh it’s pretty mind-boggling that you’d even think of that comparison. :woman_shrugging:

Whether you like the game-mode or not, it’s obvious that a lot of work was put into its design. The maps alone are a fair bit bigger than I expected and a lot more complex than most of the previous entries. To me it’s pretty crazy that so much content got offered for free and I’m glad that they are giving me the chance to support the game by making other purchases. As was stated many times by Hedge, they ran into many issues getting the store to work the way they wanted and I guess it made sense to release the new stuff along with a game update that brought people playing. Also, keep in mind that nobody forces you to buy anything. If you have the money around and like the game enough to support it, just buy a skin for a career you like to play. Furthermore, those prices might not only reflect the work that was put into the update we received for free, but perhaps they also cover on-going work or future plans to expand upon it. I get it that it would be cool for everything to be free, but that’s not how the real world works.

Well, they already tried packing things like that with WoM and it didn’t work out at all due to many reasons, so it’s hard to understand why they’d try it again. Also, the “we can grind towards” bit is probably the one thing that a lot of people are glad to be done with. If I see a fancy hat I may want to catch rats while wearing it now, not after 2 months of weekly grinding to get enough quests for shillings done, or after having gone through something like 100 map completions. By that point I’d probably want a break from the game, if anything.


Chain lightning crit build gotta go. Played alongside a sienna with ‘take damage gives 3 free crits’ and chain lightning and they just tapped vent and killed everything in the citadel. Not much fun at all to be a passenger for the run.

Some would argue it‘s too short… It requires at least 1 hour commitment per expedition and there is no guarantee that you will make it if you play on high difficulties. There have been people who complain that it takes too long to do the weekly challenges - and expeditions are more demanding than any of those.

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Overall I like the Expansion a lot.
The most motivating factor are the boons with the chance of getting some OP build going.

Things I would change:

Weapon upgrade/exchange:
Upgrading your weapon should give you the properties and traits of your equipped weapon. So that you progress from grey (no stats) to your equipped weapon.
If you have exchanged your starting weapon, the properties and traits should be taken from one of your highest weapons of the same kind in your armory (or random if you dont have one).
This would give you a bit more control over your weapon stats without breaking the game.

Spawnrate of enemies:

Between encounters there seems to be a lot of walking where nothing really happens. I would prefer if there would be a bit more pressure. I m not saying make the hard parts harder but make the time between rests shorter.

Overvall great expansion

I do like this idea, but then how would you ever get some of the CW specific traits like Regrowth?

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hm true … make it a boon? add the traits to the base game? dunno : D
I just would prefer to have some kind of influence on the props and traits.
As it is now, it feels like the boons are the more fun and more superior option to spend your pilgrim coins on as compared to the weapon shrines.

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Yeah I’d agree with that. Struggling to think of what you could do with the exchange weapon alters. My first thought was just to simply have them show what they give so you can make an informed decision if the weapon is worth mixing up your build with. On further thought though that’s rather inelegant and takes a lot of the potential spiciness out of them.

Another thought is they could give a bonus low level boon to go with them. That would lean into the gambling aspect but with a better chance to pay off so it isn’t just basically never worth it. That’s still pretty inelegant though to my mind.

hm or they could give you 3 random weapons where you have to choose one.
So the gambling and randomness wouldnt be that bad.

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