Chain of severe back end errors

Suffered a severe series of crashes live on stream today. Game ran fine for a match then died horribly repeatedly. I dunno but perhaps you guys can get something from these crashreports.

console-2019-09-23-13.00.52-97dcdcca-f4c0-4dd5-b8e5-dbb677fddc0b.log (64.1 KB) console-2019-09-23-12.05.06-16bfde08-959f-4465-91ce-d67a97ee6e12.log (96.1 KB) console-2019-09-23-12.00.05-7f39d61d-a304-41fa-9ded-4451af51f9b9.log (206.7 KB) console-2019-09-23-11.18.34-a7ef8cec-6dde-4861-860f-fbbf2dc15782.log (680.5 KB) console-2019-09-23-10.59.01-3f43bcd3-a30c-43a6-acc9-01171acc9e69.log (458.9 KB) console-2019-09-23-10.15.25-5ff24b4c-7743-4616-afd3-62302f55ada6.log (686.7 KB) console-2019-09-23-09.53.21-0964ec47-3f6e-4352-8657-55d9cb57815d.log (192.1 KB)

[Script Error]: scripts/ui/views/chat_gui.lua:455: attempt to index field ‘input_manager’ (a nil value)

Important to note,m whilst GPU/CPU/RAM never came close to maxing out, the 2nd crash killed my strem- cut me off… and the 5th I believe, killed my mic…

Sorry to hear you’ve been having a bad time with crashes. There doesn’t appear to be much consistency to it, some appear to potentially be the result of some recent downtime in our backend, and others look to be Access Violation crashes.

Could you try lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu down to 6, and see if there’s any improvement?

Cheers for quick response. Any idea where the access violations came from? And I have it set to 6 threads already. I’m trying to assertain whether or not somebody was hacking me through the game or twitch or something, as the crashes affecting other things like OBS without maxing out / overloading cpu/gpu, seems funny from somewhere. Also watching Goof stream right now and I have a better system than he does- better cpu I know anyway, and he’s not having any of the same issues.

Any luck finding anything? I watched 4 others play yesterday- we all had experiences with the bugs/glitches folk are complaining about, but nobody crashed half as much as I did. I’ve scoured my own system for the last 12 hours looking for potential issues and found nothing which caused such a chain on my end. I’d like to stream vermintide this morning, but don’t wanna face the crapshow I did yesterday costing me an audience and a day.

There was a time when I was crashing constantly, 90% to access violations, but everything else ran fine, including windows and other games. Then I removed my RAM modules and put them back in, after that I couldn’t even boot up windows.
In the end, as it turned out, BOTH of my RAM modules were faulty…

Try running through the solutions listed here.

I did all these too, nothing helped.

Regarding the Windows internal RAM tester - it’s a pile of sh*t, it didn’t pick up that both of my RAMs were faulty, so you better recommend a different/better 3rd party tool to do RAM check. Also might add removing and reinserting them physically too.

I’m still testing some of the things in that list. One thing I’ve found out is that xbox live crap had been reinstalled on my PC by the last windows update and the mic and such had been allocated without my say so to windows 10’s game BS… I have removed this completely but it appears to have been transferring data in the background of games and such… I dunno if it’s anything but figured worth mentioning in case it is windows 10 causing so many stability issues.

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