Backend Errors constantly

I am unable to play the game as of late not sure what is causing this might be my ISP… Constatly getting backend errors on startup or at end of levels.

Playing from Saudi Arabia with a 4g connection like i have for the past 3 years and not had such a issue pop up with this intensity before.

These are my log files some might have the backend crash recorded i guess? i did hav a PC lockup in one as well.

Running a old dated pc
FX 8350
SSD installation
16gb 2400 DDR3
console-2021-04-30-10.12.08-b496e930-b4db-4c8d-acab-e19d177a799e.log (49.7 KB) console-2021-04-30-10.13.32-80e851d5-acae-4aff-a8b0-dfa42c14361a.log (49.6 KB) console-2021-04-30-10.15.10-9ee5f61b-8d5d-44b5-99f1-434b0302d92c.log (49.6 KB) console-2021-04-30-10.20.24-24ff946b-579e-46c8-a07b-0fa4cfca13f4.log (49.7 KB) console-2021-04-30-10.22.33-1b15a49e-dd9a-41f0-b074-d1a399f44a32.log (542.4 KB) console-2021-04-30-13.03.13-7e3db5f4-4184-4b3b-afb2-27e8b9c46698.log (972.3 KB)

Sorry to hear this, we are somewhat limited here due to you being on a mobile connection. :frowning:

I presume broadband isn’t an option at the moment?

YA brodband is not a option where i live sadly :frowning:
Well if there is nothing else i can do then it is what it is :slight_smile:

Last night it worked well for 2 hours with zero backend errors so im gonna assume my ISP might have “fixed” it :smiley:

Fingers crossed for you. :slight_smile:

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